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It is interesting to note that the expected cyclic cataclysm is currently gaining popularity in the media. An eventual doomsday scenario keeps surfacing. Attention is subsequently focused on varied “vaba”, meaning eruptions of pestilences that accompany these cyclic global cataclysms. 

Many may not have heard the words “Vaba-e Atashak”. I have learnt the word from Kshnoomic teachings. “Vaba” connotes pestilence. “Atashak” indicates ailments such as heat, burns, and cancerous growths caused by radiation or heat. “Vaba-e Atashak” refers to all pestilences or ailments arising out of radiation. There are different kinds of pandemics, one such is the Ebola virus which is spreading currently in many parts of the world. Ebola is not caused by radiation but when Nature’s balance maintained by the elements of fire, water, air and earth is disrupted, many sicknesses surface. 

We know that Atash, the Divine Energy of Ahura Mazda, is at the root of all Creation. Without energy, nothing exists! The Universe is a web of energy of different grades and kinds. Even in water, the “seed” of fire exists which is called “Apam Napat”! There is fire within the elements of earth and air also. When lightning strikes, we see the air being charged with electrical impulses. The earth’s fire is the molten lava inside the Earth! And so, Fire pervades throughout Nature.
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Looking for Goshasp Avari

Guess you must be snowed under with requests all the time but was just chatting with an Old Barnes School class mate and we tried to figure how many in our batch were we in contact with and GOSHASP AVARI’s name came up. She was in the 1973 batch with us, was a day scholar so either from Devlali or Nasik Road
Being a day scholar her father probably had a local business. Goshasp was with us in our class in Barnes school Devlali. We passed out together in 1973. After 1973,there is no track of her. She is one of the last in our class who we have not been able To trace so far.I will be very happy if you could use your good Office to locate her. She should be 56/57 years old by now.
If you can find out would be great.
Have fun and all the best

Kalyan Parsi Anjuman Agiary

Dear community members

We are thankful to the Trust of the Kalyan Parsi Anjuman for running the Agiary in Kalyan.

Kalyan not being a tourist spot, does not have many Zoroastrian visitors there, thus short supply of Sandal wood and largely rely upon the Kathi. There, the requirement of Kathi is around 2 tons in 3 months.

Thankfully, the Dasturji there, Dorab Dalal efficiently maintains the Agiary premises too.

Thus, we if we donate generously, the flames will remain there in the future.

For more details contact Dasturji Dorab Dalal in Kalyan. His mobile number is 8108526002.

Thanking all in anticipation.

Noshirwan Mistry


The Parsees of Bombay !




Ernest Joseph Flanagan


The Parsees of Bombay

Are special in every way

In their work or in their play

Always happy and gay;


To help their fellow man

They do the best they can

They’re honest to the core

And always help the poor;


The Parsee community

Has a unique identity

Most from Heaven sent

The rest of Persian descent;


Some are crazy, but really sweet

Loud and boisterous, not discreet

Watching them is such a treat

The best people you can meet;


Some have really funny names

Playing pranks and silly games

Handsome guys and pretty dames

They all fit in their Parsee frames;


With complexions rosy pink

They love their food and drink

Before you can even think

Parsee pegs go down with a wink;


In every field they take the lead

Nation building is their creed

They’re fun loving and true

And excel in all they do;


From industrial to nuclear yield

They’ve excelled in every field

Music, art, theater, media too,
There is nothing they cannot do;



From Homi Babha to J R D

Zubin Mehta to Freddy Mercury   

Adi Marzban to Pearl Padamsee

From Bacchi Karkaria to Busy Bee;


From Shariyar Atai to Boman Irani

Hafeez Contractor to Sharpoorjee

Farook Khambata to Cyrus (wala)Tody

Nari Contractor to Nagarwala Hirjee;


Godrej and Wadia are up there with the best

Pardiwala and Golwala don’t seem to rest

Nana Palkhiwala lives on in our mind

A non productive Parsee is truly hard to find;


They spread joy wherever they go

They’re the nicest people to know

They have parties all the time

And stay far away from crime;


Their numbers dwindle every year

They may one day disappear

Hope that day never comes

To India’s finest daughters &   sons !

Not sure of the original writer but fun to read, all the same !

Courtesy : Rusi Sorabji

Sarosh Zaiwalla: the first non-white lawyer to start a practice in London


Sarosh Zaiwalla has represented some of the most powerful people in the world, from members of the Gandhi family to the Tchenguiz brothers. He famously hired – and then let go – Tony Blair when the former Prime Minister was a jobbing barrister.

As the first non-white lawyer to start a practice in the City, his business story is one of tenacity, courage and a keen eye for a business opportunity.

Zaiwalla & Co has maintained its position over the years by sticking to its founder’s original business model: to focus on tough cases and undercut the larger companies. “Magic Circle firms put on a great show and they have high overheads, which they have to pass on to the client. So where they charge the client £1,000 an hour, I charge £500 an hour,” he said.

Zaiwalla has serious clout in the legal industry. His company made the headlines late last year when it represented the Bank of Mellat. The Iranian bank had been caught up in the sanctions battle between the West and Iran. Its assets had been frozen and the organisation was haemorrhaging cash.

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Power of Three

By Reema Gehi,

Click to read the ePaper, Mumbai Mirror, Sun, Aug 10, 2014, Page 10: 


Passionate collector Jehangir Nicholson (right) found perfect partners in astute businessman Kali Pundole (left) and dreamer gallerist Kekoo Gandhy

An upcoming exhibition thrives on nostalgia, exploring the relationship between two gallerists and a collector who shaped the destiny of modern Indian greats.

It’s the triumvirate — Parsi-only, as their community loves to say — that could very well be held responsible for shaping the future of modern Indian art. Jehangir Nicholson was a premier collector of his time, and they – Kekoo Gandhy of Gallery Chemould, the dreamer; and Kali Pundole of Pundole, the astute businessman – Mumbai’s pioneering gallerists. Together, they shaped the futures of master artists, including, MF Husain, SH Raza, VS Gaitonde, Ram Kumar and Akbar Padamsee.

Opening next month at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangharalaya’s Jehangir Nicholson Gallery, is an exhibition that explores their relationship marked by friendship, competition and respect. Conceived by Kali’s son – gallerist and auctioneer Dadiba Pundole – Kali, Kekoo and Jehangir seeks to present an association of trust and friendship that often existed between collectors and gallerists and the great art collections that grew as a consequence, whether intended or unintended, says the gallery’s curator, Kamini Sawhney.

 Read with more images at Power of three


Courtesy : Tehemton B Adenwalla

A candid chat with Farrokh Khambata

A candid chat with restaurateur Farrokh Khambata

It won’t be wrong to say that most restaurateurs in the world are avid foodies who derive great joy by feeding people. Farrokh Khambhata, founder and owner of Catering & Allied, the company that runs four city restaurants — Joss, Umame, Amadeus and Café at the NCPA, along with and a full service catering ourfit Joss Catering Services — is one of them. I meet him one rainy Thursday evening at the recently-opened Joss at Santacruz. The eatery is a finer version of his restaurant by the same name at Kala Ghoda, which shut down in May 2011, after a decade-long successful run. The food at the new Joss is created using molecular gastronomy, which Khambata prefers to call food science. Indeed, a margherita comes in a smoking pipe-shaped glass and prawns come with a sauce in a pipette. As I tuck into a piping Bibimbap, a signature Korean rice dish mixed with vegetables, an egg, and chillies, Khambata, dressed in a cobalt-blue shirt and black trousers, shares intricate details of each of the dishes with me. He prods me to try out different delicacies but abstains from eating anything himself. “I know what it tastes like,” he grins.

My favourites
Destination: Any diving destination — Seychelles, Mauritius, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Maldives
Food: Spanish and European food
Hobbies: Music, playing the guitar and driving

Inside Track
Born: June 30
Education: Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition at Dadar
First job in the kitchen: Chopping onions
Motto: You are as good as your last meal you served
Mantra in life: Be passionate about what you are doing

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