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The Persian Rite of Spring.. Nauruz

As I write the Earth is spinning towards the Spring Equinox, the Moment of NAVRUZ, an appropriate time to share with you,  this link to a beautiful multimedia show on YouTube,  “The Rites of Spring” created by Niloufar Talebi, that,  I’m sure every Zarathushti  would enjoy.

Though she starts of in Farsi, the explanation in English follows.


Rusi Sorabji


Please feel free to pass this link on to all Zarathushtis you know of…..




NAVROZYNG: Boat party is back

NAVROZYNG: Boat party is back
ZYNG Event Hosted by Viraf Hansotia

Date : Friday 20th March 2015

Time : 8pm – 12am ( with a provision for shuttle boats in one hour intervals)

Location: Gateway of India

An evening with great music, great food and a great boat party all this at just Rs 600

Tickets on sale from this weekend.

Limited entries

To book your tickets call

Ruzbeh Hansotia : (Andheri) : 9833731319
Pearl Tirandaz : (Dadar) : 9820158874
Nazneen Edulkaka : (Grant Road) : 9820011551
Hoshaang Gotla : (Colaba) : 9820683398

Courtesy: Viraf Hansotia

'NAVROZYNG:  Boat party is back<br />
ZYNG Event Hosted by Viraf Hansotia</p>
<p>Date : Friday 20th March 2015</p>
<p>Time : 8pm - 12am ( with a provision for shuttle boats in one hour intervals)</p>
<p>Location: Gateway of India</p>
<p>An evening with great music, great food and a great boat party all this at just Rs 600</p>
<p>Tickets on sale from this weekend. </p>
<p>Limited entries</p>
<p>To book your tickets call</p>
<p>Ruzbeh Hansotia : (Andheri) : 9833731319<br />
Pearl Tirandaz : (Dadar) : 9820158874<br />
Nazneen Edulkaka : (Grant Road) : 9820011551<br />
Hoshaang Gotla : (Colaba) : 9820683398</p>
<p>Courtesy:  Viraf Hansotia'

Dwindling Parsis go back to their roots

Parsi Zoroastrian Anjuman of Secunderabad and Hyderabad's photo.
Just as the matriarch of the Tamil household in Chennai dots her porch with a kolam at the crack of dawn every day, women of the Parsi community pretty up theirs with what they call a ‘chalk’.
“It’s just like the kolam, except we have readymade tins with holes designed in them so all we need to do is fill them with rice flour and tap them on the ground,” said Tehnaz Bahadurji, a Parsi resident of Chennai, who spoke on the history, culture and practices of her community at Alliance Francaise on Tuesday. Her lecture, which was organised by the Indian National Trust for Arts and Cultural Heritage (INTACH), traced how the Parsis migrated to India, how they trickled into Chennai and finally, how they live and, most important, dine.

While the first wave of Parsis settled in Gujarat centuries ago, the first Parsi to come to Chennai was Heerjibhai Kharas, who came here in the 1800s, said Bahadurji, who added that the government gave the community land in 1814, on which a Fire Temple was built more than a century later. The Parsi Fire Temple celebrated its centenary in the city in 2010.

Bahadurji then went on to list the famous Parsis past and present in Chennai – the most prominent among them being social activist and philanthropist Mary Clubwallah Jadhav (who died in 1975), who received the Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan from the government.

“The Parsis and Iranis were also involved in the cinema industry in Chennai. We built four theatres – the Elphinstone Theatre, the New Elphinstone Theatre, Wellington Theatre, and the Casino Theatre (which still stands on Anna Salai),” said Bahadurji.

When she got to the culture of the Parsi community, which has now dwindled to just 60,000 people in India, Bahadurji spoke of how several traditions were on the verge of dying out. The tradition of the ‘thoran’ for instance, which was used to decorate the doors of Parsi homes.

When she spoke of the ‘gaara’, the Parsi saree, Bahadurji talked of how in the old days women wore their sarees over their heads with only one ear exposed. “That’s the reason why you will find that Parsi jewellery sets in the old days came with only one earring. The jewelers probably figured they did not have to bother making two since the women always had one ear covered,” she said.

WZCC-WE Event “Achieving Your Dreams” on Sat. 14th March 2015

150314-Achieving Your Dreams_Leaflet

Rajasthan govt. signs MoU with Tata trust on child healthcare


Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje with Tata Trust chairman Ratan Tata in Jaipur on Monday. – Photo: PTI

The Rajasthan government on Monday entered into a partnership with Tata Trust and ‘Antara’ Foundation to improve the status of maternal and child health in the State.

The programme (‘Akshada’) will focus on the crucial ‘1000 days’ between conception and age 2 of a child and will include the most critical areas like maternal anaemia, neo-natal mortality and improving immunization. The programme would deploy interventions that could greatly reduce the levels of malnutrition amongst children under five.

To begin with, the programme will focus intensively in Jhalawar and Sirohi districts and would subsequently be replicated, amplified and rolled out across the State. The Tata Trusts are funding this flagship programme and the Antara Foundation, led by Ashok Alexander, will implement the programme in the focus districts.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed here in the presence of Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje and Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Trusts. Speaking on the occasion, Ms Raje said there was plenty of scope to improve the health status of women and young children in State. “We believe that private partnership in the programme for improving maternal and child health and bettering the nutrition status will take Rajasthan a long away in emerging as a State with health indicators at par with India’s best,” she added.

Mr. Tata said that the Tata Trusts’ new initiative in addressing the problem of malnutrition amongst mothers and infant children will have a positive impact on millions of children in terms of their improved health and resistance to illness and physical and mental deformity at birth.

The Executive Director of Antara Foundation Mr Alexander said, supporting the heroic work of frontline government health workers and creating demand at the village level are critical in scaling up health care delivery”.

A man who made a lot of wealth, and a lot more goodwill – The quotable Jamsetji Tata

These quotations by and on Jamsetji Tata, Founder of the Tata group, draw a vivid portrait of a visionary with a deep commitment to his country and its people

There is one kind of charity common enough among us… It is that patchwork philanthropy which clothes the ragged, feeds the poor, and heals the sick. I am far from decrying the noble spirit which seeks to help a poor or suffering fellow being… [However] what advances a nation or a community is not so much to prop up its weakest and most helpless members, but to lift up the best and the most gifted, so as to make them of the greatest service to the country.

Be sure to lay wide streets planted with shady trees, every other of a quick-growing variety. Be sure that there is plenty of space for lawns and gardens. Reserve large areas for football, hockey and parks. Earmark areas for Hindu temples, Mohammedan mosques and Christian churches.
Jamsetji Tata in a letter to son Dorab about his vision for the township that would eventually become Jamshedpur.

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‘Wealth came to him in full measure, but he remained to the last what he was in nature, a simple modest gentleman, seeking neither title nor place, and loving with love that knew no bounds the land that gave him birth.’

– Sir Lawrence Jenkins (chief justice of Bombay High Court, 1905)

Those who know about him would wholeheartedly agree that these words precisely summarize what Jamshetji Nusserwanji Tata embodied as a person. A great industrialist and philanthropist, he left his mark on India’s industrial history as well as on the soil of Nagpur by establishing the Empress Mills on January 1, 1877, the same day Queen Victoria was proclaimed Empress of India. He also went on to establish the first girls school of the city in the form of JN Tata Parsi Girls’ High School.Tuesday marks the 175th birth anniversary of JN Tata.

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We are once again approaching all Zoroastrian Brethren  for donation towards the ‘FOOD SCHEME” which we run for old and poor Members of our Community.

We are fortunate enough to get good donations in the past which has helped us run the above Facility for deserving Zoroastrians for last many years.

The FOOD SCHEME  is run  by MANCHERJI EDALJI JOSHI MEMORIAL TRUST to feed the Old and Poor Infirms of our communitywhich not only supervises cooking of food, but also delivery of the same to the  community Members are done through Dabbawalas.

There are many old and infirms neglected by the Society, some of them by their own children and Family and are fighting for their survival, who need your attention.  Most of them are frail, weak and bed ridden and do not have  even strength to go to the roadside food stall and depend on their neighbours to bring some food for them to survive.

In this world, very often, the efforts of an individual are not significant enough to make a difference. But collectively, it is possible for a group to do much more than the sum of the individual parts.

We all fortunate Zoroastrians have to ensure that the food scheme continues to operate feeding these deserving members of our community.

Thanks to the munificence and largesse of benevolent individuals and donors we are able to tend to their daily meals. But the demand is much in excess of the Funds generated and hence this appeal. Your generous contribution will help us in reaching out to our poor brethren.

We are a Public Registered Trust registered with the Charity Commissioner under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961. Amongst our Charitable activities is the Food Scheme where the Trust undertakes to feed the old infirm / handicapped and under privileged of our community. This scheme was started as you are aware in January 2003. Your generous donation will enable us to continue to feed the poor and to reach out to a larger section of these not so fortunate within our Community.

When we first started we were supplying meals to ten persons, two meals a day. Today this service is extended to 126 persons in all. As word gets around, more applicants approach us or are referred to us and only after thorough inquiries are the same added to our list of beneficiaries.

Donations over the years have increased due to the foresight of our initial donors who have put the Scheme on the net and also by word of mouth as more people get to hear about this scheme. You will however appreciate that funds are necessary to run this scheme effectively and hence our yearly appeal to you.

The enclosed chart will give you a detailed and latest break up for the Food Scheme, its beneficiaries, their categories and approximate expenditure involved in feeding them.

Our accounts are duly audited and filed with Charity Commissioner and every donor small or big is immediately issued a receipt. Donations of Rs. 5000/- and more are also sent the break up of Food Scheme so that they know how exactly their donation is being utilized.

On behalf of the Trust, I once again appeal to you for your generous support to our Food Scheme.

Your donations can be made by cheque in favour of “MANCHERJI EDALJI JOSHI MEMORIAL TRUST”.

Further enquiries are also welcome via e-mail to :

Your Donations can be sent to:


Mrs Mithoo Jesia  

Jesia  Building,

797 Jam E Jamshed Rd    

Parsi Colony, Dadar (E),   

Mumbai 400 014        

Ph 2414 9571  

Mrs. Tina Patel  

623,  Lady Jehangir Rd

Parsi Colony, Dadar (E)

Mumbai 400 014

Ph: 2415 1354

Mr H N Daruwalla

Sethna  Building

2/689,  Dinshaw Master Rd

Parsi Colony Dadar E

Mumbai 400 014

Ph: 2411 2330


Kindly give widest possible publicity to this note, by forwarding the same to your family members and Zoarastrian friends to get maximum support to this noble cause.


Hoping to receive favourable response from you,


With Kind Regards


Homi  N Daruwalla





A Old and infirm and poor Zoroastrians who have no one to turn to 54 22,75,280
B Parsee children of J.B. Vachha School for Parsi Girls (Dadar) 12 55,800
C Khandias, Nassesalars and Bungli Staff at Doongerwadi (Breakfast only) 20 to 31 (depending on daily attendance) 2,27,400
D Food grains and provisions (these are given to recipients who are able to cook for their familities but are in low income group) 29 2,85,600



 Rs. 28,44,080-

Due to inflation the caterers have now increased their rates per meals. As of 31st Jan 2015,  the cost of feeding one person per month approx.. comes to Rs. 3000/- depending on the category in which they fall and the caterer providing the meals.





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