Chanting of Ashem Vohu, Yatha Ahu Vairyo, Yanghehatham

Here is a serene and  soothing prayer that many Zoroastrians would like to hear recited over and over again. In the  confines  of their abodes, in their  car, on their  mobiles or even as they start another beautifully  peaceful day, rolling out of their  beds.

Chanting of Zorastrian Basic Prayers

They may like  to hear “Doa-e-Tandaroasti”

Or a “Geh” changing  “BOI”

BOI   Pt 1

BOI  Pt 2

Tandaroasti  to you.



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3 Responses

  1. While your attempt to be original is appreciated, there is a familiar rhythmic flow, a cadence to the Avestan prayers, remarkably similar in the Parsi and Iranian zarthushti traditions that has stood the test of centuries. It is therefore disappointing that a hybrid ‘tune’ has been recorded. The power of prayers is inherent in the meaning, tone and the familiarity of their recitation.

  2. Congratulations on Taping this wonderful to hear our prayers

    I wish all the priest would now take on active Pastoral Duties & visit parsi homes & senior citizens , those mentally or physically challlenged

    each home can pay 10 percent of their annual income for this

    • Your comment is very well meaning regarding 10% of annual income. But, in a community where the industrialists and trustees (who are ultra rich and behave like satraps) are in a habit of making undue profits by usurping land, properties and trust monies meant for only certain purposes. I doubt its practicality.

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