We are once again approaching all Zoroastrian Brethren  for donation towards the ‘FOOD SCHEME” which we run for old and poor Members of our Community.

We are fortunate enough to get good donations in the past which has helped us run the above Facility for deserving Zoroastrians for last many years.

The FOOD SCHEME  is run  by MANCHERJI EDALJI JOSHI MEMORIAL TRUST to feed the Old and Poor Infirms of our communitywhich not only supervises cooking of food, but also delivery of the same to the  community Members are done through Dabbawalas.

There are many old and infirms neglected by the Society, some of them by their own children and Family and are fighting for their survival, who need your attention.  Most of them are frail, weak and bed ridden and do not have  even strength to go to the roadside food stall and depend on their neighbours to bring some food for them to survive.

In this world, very often, the efforts of an individual are not significant enough to make a difference. But collectively, it is possible for a group to do much more than the sum of the individual parts.

We all fortunate Zoroastrians have to ensure that the food scheme continues to operate feeding these deserving members of our community.

Thanks to the munificence and largesse of benevolent individuals and donors we are able to tend to their daily meals. But the demand is much in excess of the Funds generated and hence this appeal. Your generous contribution will help us in reaching out to our poor brethren.

We are a Public Registered Trust registered with the Charity Commissioner under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961. Amongst our Charitable activities is the Food Scheme where the Trust undertakes to feed the old infirm / handicapped and under privileged of our community. This scheme was started as you are aware in January 2003. Your generous donation will enable us to continue to feed the poor and to reach out to a larger section of these not so fortunate within our Community.

When we first started we were supplying meals to ten persons, two meals a day. Today this service is extended to 126 persons in all. As word gets around, more applicants approach us or are referred to us and only after thorough inquiries are the same added to our list of beneficiaries.

Donations over the years have increased due to the foresight of our initial donors who have put the Scheme on the net and also by word of mouth as more people get to hear about this scheme. You will however appreciate that funds are necessary to run this scheme effectively and hence our yearly appeal to you.

The enclosed chart will give you a detailed and latest break up for the Food Scheme, its beneficiaries, their categories and approximate expenditure involved in feeding them.

Our accounts are duly audited and filed with Charity Commissioner and every donor small or big is immediately issued a receipt. Donations of Rs. 5000/- and more are also sent the break up of Food Scheme so that they know how exactly their donation is being utilized.

On behalf of the Trust, I once again appeal to you for your generous support to our Food Scheme.

Your donations can be made by cheque in favour of “MANCHERJI EDALJI JOSHI MEMORIAL TRUST”.

Further enquiries are also welcome via e-mail to :

Your Donations can be sent to:


Mrs Mithoo Jesia  

Jesia  Building,

797 Jam E Jamshed Rd    

Parsi Colony, Dadar (E),   

Mumbai 400 014        

Ph 2414 9571  

Mrs. Tina Patel  

623,  Lady Jehangir Rd

Parsi Colony, Dadar (E)

Mumbai 400 014

Ph: 2415 1354

Mr H N Daruwalla

Sethna  Building

2/689,  Dinshaw Master Rd

Parsi Colony Dadar E

Mumbai 400 014

Ph: 2411 2330


Kindly give widest possible publicity to this note, by forwarding the same to your family members and Zoarastrian friends to get maximum support to this noble cause.


Hoping to receive favourable response from you,


With Kind Regards


Homi  N Daruwalla





A Old and infirm and poor Zoroastrians who have no one to turn to 54 22,75,280
B Parsee children of J.B. Vachha School for Parsi Girls (Dadar) 12 55,800
C Khandias, Nassesalars and Bungli Staff at Doongerwadi (Breakfast only) 20 to 31 (depending on daily attendance) 2,27,400
D Food grains and provisions (these are given to recipients who are able to cook for their familities but are in low income group) 29 2,85,600



 Rs. 28,44,080

Due to inflation the caterers have now increased their rates per meals. As of 31st Jan 2015,  the cost of feeding one person per month approx.. comes to Rs. 3000/- depending on the category in which they fall and the caterer providing the meals.




Critical Assistance Special Appeal – February 2015

One of our community members had a stroke which has paralyzed his right side. He is going through the long process of rehabilitation and recouping and we hope and pray he gets back all his abilities. This situation has cut off their main income and we do not know how long he will be out of work. His spouse is trying to cope the best she could under the circumstances. Serious health issues can change a life and family situation in seconds putting a lot of stress and burden on the supporting family members. We are fortunate to have our extended family, our community, who always steps up and helps out in situations like this.

Once again we are asking our community to step up and donate to help lessen this family’s burden. Your prayers and your checks will go a long way to help out this family in their time of need. We thank you for the help and support that has been given in the past, we are proud to belong to a community that cares. May Ahura Mazda keep us all healthy.

You can donate online with credit card using the form attached to the link below or mail a check.
Checks should be made out to FEZANA , but please write the words “CRITICAL ASSISTANCE SPECIAL APPEAL – February 2015″ in the memo section of the check. Mail your check to :
Nilufer K. Shroff
FEZANA Treasurer.
Post office Box 3873, 1175 Marlkress Road, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034.

Donations to FEZANA are tax deductible.

On behalf of FEZANA Welfare Committee
Houtoxi Contractor, Freyaz Shroff, Hosi Mehta.

Appeal – Medical Assistance for Homai Vajravandi

Dear friends,
please help the Zoroastrian family who have appealed for help in the medical treatment of their family member.
Or, please refer them to appropriate charity funds or persons who can help them in their hour of need.
And please circulate this appeal to your friends, contacts and relatives – by email and by Facebook if appropriate.
Dear admins of other religious groups: 
Please broadcast this appeal to your members.
You may contact:
Mrs. Dilnavaz Irani <>
Jennifer Irani – 961-903-5296

Dilnavaz Irani – 958-869-2263
Thank you and God Bless you.
TZML Admins.
On Nov 4, 2014, at 4:22 AM, Dilnavaz Irani <> wrote:

I, Dilnavaz Cyrus Irani, aged 58, residing at Daruwalla Bldg., B. Block, ground floor, room no 15, south frère bridge, nana chowk, grant road, Mumbai 400 007, am writing this letter requesting for financial aid for the treatment of my Mother, Mrs. Homai Varjavandi. My husband Mr. Cyrus Irani and I have retired long back and we sustain the house through tuitions and our savings. My son, Mr. Mehershan Irani has just completed his B.Sc. in aviation and is looking for a job. My daughter, Jennifer is married, working at TCS and looking after her own household, also paying her personal loan.
 My mother, Mrs Homai Vajravandi is 80 years old, has weak skeletal structure and had suffered a right femur fracture earlier, had undergone surgery for a metal ball replacement at Dhanvantri hospital under the supervision of Dr. Telang and at BSES, Andheri (W) in 2009. Recently, the replacement dislocated due to the softness of her bone structure and she was readmitted to BSES Hospital for surgery for correction on 23rd September, 2014. The total cost of the operation for the resurgery of the fracture was Rs. 2.61 Lakh, which we managed to pull out from our savings. We got her home and within days, her health deteriorated and her conscious/voluntary movements stopped. We readmitted her to BSES Hospital on the 14th October, 2014 and after a CT scan, brain cerebral atrophy and periventral ischemic changes were detected. So she was reshifted to Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani Hospital for further management as it was the only hospital close to BSES specializing in brain related problems. Further MRI Scans at Kokilaben hospital revealed non haemorrhagic infarcts in the right Anterior Cerebral Artery and Middle Cerebral Artery and mass effect changes in the right lateral ventricle without Midline shift.
 She has been kept in the ICU (Bed number 14 on the 3rd floor) at Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani Hospital from 15th October 2014 till date. She has been intubated and mechanically ventilated; lately she also has undergone early tracheostomy. Diagnostic tests like Doppler, MRIs, 2D Echo and other routine tests are been used to monitor her status. She has been bed bound for more than 3 weeks now and has suffered bed sores for which she is also receiving treatment. She is stable at the moment with the brain showing improvement, spontaneous movements are seen on her right side and she is maintaining her oxygen levels with the help of the ventilator. Doctors say she is stable, showing signs of improvement but she has to be kept in ICU till she can maintain her vitals on her own. Dr. Annu Agarwal is handling her case and has specified that she will be soon taken off the ventilator to check whether she can maintain her breathing. Her brain cells need time to completely recover from the infract and atrophy so no one knows for sure how long she will have to be kept in ICU and further hospitalization.
 I would like to emphasize that my father, Shahpur Vajravandi, husband of the patient is also diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and receiving treatment with regular visits to doctors. The hospitalization costs only for my mother including the surgery at BSES and now the procedures at Kokilaben has gone over 6 lacs and is becoming very difficult for us to manage.
The hospitalization cost currently at Kokilaben Hospital only has amounted to 4.06 Lakh Rupees /- till date. The breakup for the same is as follows.
> Diagnostics – 71342 -/
> Doctor fees – 36000 -/
> Pharmacy – 144123 -/
> Procedures – 23780 -/
> Room Rent – 114000 -/
> Rehabilitation – 17257 -/
 This costing above is till the afternoon of 4th of November, 2014. Doctors estimate more days of ICU with intermittent scans and then depending upon her recovery, she will be shifted to the general ward for unknown period of time. She will then receive physiotherapy and checked for response. We do not know how the body will be responding once she is off sedation and brought to consciousness. It goes to see how much of the left handed body functions will be restored.
 The post hospitalization medicines and procedures will also cost me sufficiently. Regular checkups for both my parents will also increase my expense besides the medicines. My utmost concern right now is to arrange for enough funds quickly so that the hospital goes on with the due course of treatment. I am still not sure of how many more days of treatment will be there so I cannot point out the actual final figure. As I get further updates on the figure or if the required target is reached, I shall immediately notify everyone for the same. 
 Dr. Annu Aggarwal can be contacted on the number 9320192277 in case anyone wants to ask & confirm the details of the procedures and tests. One can also contact the Hospital for inpatient details if needed.
 Some of my relatives have helped me to pile up the earlier deposit of 3 lacs which I will need to also reimburse as soon as possible. I am thankful to all those who have taken the time out of their busy schedule to read my plea and I request the charitable organizations/trusts to help me out in this dire circumstances. Medical aid is welcome in any means possible, can also be done by cheque in the favour of “KOKILABEN DHIRUBHAI AMBANI HOSPITAL”. Let us know from where the cheque needs to be collected, I or any family member will come personally for the same.
 Please let me know if any details or additional information is needed from our side. You can contact us through the following email address and the phone numbers;
Jennifer Irani – 961-903-5296
Dilnavaz Irani – 958-869-2263

I will be willing to help divulge any such information that helps my mother to completely recover. 
Thanking you,
Yours gratefully, 
Mrs. Dilnavaz Cyrus Irani


Courtesy: Hushang Vakil

Abuwala Parsi Infirmary, Navsari

Elders have held our hand at the time of our Sunrise now its our Turn to hold theirs at their Sunset.
Abuwala Parsi Infirmary, Navsari serves the elders of our Parsi Community standing besides them in their times of sunset.
Courtesy : Maneck Bhujwala

Share some warmth on MLK Jr. Day

Put your gently used business wear to good use
MLK Day clothing drive in support of Friendship Place

The  SGI-USA Washington DC Buddhist Culture Center and the Washington National Cathedral are partnering again this year to help homeless families in our area.
When is it?
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Monday, January 19, 2015

From 8 AM until 2 PM

What should I bring?
We especially need gently used business wear.
  • adult coats
  • clothing appropriate for job interviews
  • other warm clothing
Where do I bring it?
3417 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20007
Volunteers will gladly unload your car, and donation forms are available.
Clothing will be donated to Friendship Place/Community Council for the Homeless ,and other community agencies. 
DC CC Logo
Nat Cathedral logo


Can u Imagine ?

Directed by Beheroze Shroff

 OM Creations
Sponsored by THE J.R.D. TATA TRUST

Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy 150th Death Anniversary Medical Scheme for Parsee Senior Citizens

Applications are once again invited from Parsi & Irani Zoroastrians residing in Mumbai. Pune, Udvada, Valsad, Naysari and Surat, who are above 65 years old (as on 1 January. 2015). and whose personal income is below Rs 1.50 lakhs per annum. Persons already enrolled and presently covered under this Scheme, and those who do not meet the above mentioned criteria need not apply.

After careful scrutiny and personal interviews, deserving persons shall be selected on the basis of age, income, family support, medical history, etc. Selected persons shall be entitled to receive reimbursement of medical expenses up to a maximum of Rupees Fifty thousand (Rs 50,000 per annum).

Application Forms may be collected (at Rs 20/- each) between – 31′ December 2014 (between 10.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. only) from any of the following centres

  1. Sir J J Charity Fund, Kalpataru Heritage, 5th Floor, 127, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Mumbai 400 001.

  2. Sir J J Agiary, 826, Dastur Meher Road, Pune 411 001. 3. Sir J J Dharamshala, Sea View Street, Udvada, 396 180,

  3. Sett R J J High School (Eng Med), Tithal Road, Valsad 396 001.

  4. Jamshed Baug, Sir J J Marg, Charpool, Naysari 396 445.

  5. Surat Parsi Punchayat, Dr J Lashkari Road, Shahpore, Surat 395 003.
    Application Forms, duly completed with all necessary supporting attachments, should be submitted by Courier / Registered Post to Sir J J Charity Fund, at the address mentioned (at Sr. No. 1) above, on or before 31st Jan. 2015.

Mumbai , 28th November 2014

Chairman, Sir J J Charity Fund


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