Appeal for Kathi Funds


As we are aware that to enable the Fire of Aatash Padshah to continue burning, offering “KATHIS” is a must and this is to be managed by the Panthaky of the Kapppawalla Agiary and not by the trustees.

I would like to bring to your kind attention that at Kapppawalla Agiary presently we are facing acute shortage of “KATHIS”. Moreover, the ever increasing prices of fuel, transport and manual labour for handling, it has become absolutely imperative to have a “RESERVED FUND” for the unique purpose.
I humbly appeal to donate generously for this noble cause. Keeping the “Fire” alive is the “Hour of the Need”.
In order to avoid any controversy and bickering, I impress upon our Zoroastrians to issue a “cross-cheque” infavour of “H Sidhwa & Son”, who are the sole distributor and supplier of “KATHI” to our “FIRE TEMPLE” and post or personally give the cheque to Kapppawalla Agiary,, Tardeo.
Thank You.
Ervad Jamshed Bhesadia
Panthaky, Kappawalla Agiary.
Tel no: 022 23547914 (Kappawalla Agiary)     9820326083 (Erd.JamshedBhesadia)

Address: Seth shapurji Sorabji Kappawalla Agiary. Sir Ratan Tata Road, Tardeo. Mumbai-400034.
Courtesy : Kaizad Karanjia <>

Kalyan Parsi Anjuman Agiary

Dear community members

We are thankful to the Trust of the Kalyan Parsi Anjuman for running the Agiary in Kalyan.

Kalyan not being a tourist spot, does not have many Zoroastrian visitors there, thus short supply of Sandal wood and largely rely upon the Kathi. There, the requirement of Kathi is around 2 tons in 3 months.

Thankfully, the Dasturji there, Dorab Dalal efficiently maintains the Agiary premises too.

Thus, we if we donate generously, the flames will remain there in the future.

For more details contact Dasturji Dorab Dalal in Kalyan. His mobile number is 8108526002.

Thanking all in anticipation.

Noshirwan Mistry


Nanabhoy Moos Research Fellowship

Through this email, we want your help.

We are searching any relative of Dr. N.A.F. Moos who was the first Indian Director of Colaba and Alibag Observatories in Mumbai and we want to know any of his relatives for the following purpose.

The Indian Institute of Geomagnetism (An Autonomous Research Organization of Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India) Mumbai was earlier located at

Dr. Nanabhai Moos Marg, Colaba, R.C. Church, Mumbai 400 005

Dr. N.A.F. Moos was the first Indian Director of Colaba & Alibag Observatories. The Institute got autonomy and was converted into Indian Institute of Geomagnetism.

The Institute has recently introduced a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship scheme called: Nanabhoy Moos Research Fellowship.

This Fellowship is to be inaugurated by any relative(s) of Dr. N.A.F. Moos who was the first Indian Director of the Institute. If we can locate any relative of Dr. N.A.F. Moos, we shall be thankful to him if this fellowship scheme is inaugurated by him/her. Pl contact Director’s office of Indian Institute of Geomagnetism, Mumbai on phone number: 0091-22-27480763 or email:


Indian Institute of Geomagnetism
(An autonomous research organization of the Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India)
Kalamboli Highway,
New Panvel,
Navi Mumbai 410 218
Phone: 022-27480763

Contributions Solicited

Our Motto ” Service to Humanity Is Service To God”. Keeping the motto in mind we have been rendering service to Humanity for the past 31 years. Our main objective is to give Medical Aid & Education Aid to School and College students. We also sponsor students for school education. Our foundation awards Merit Scholarships to SSC/ ICSE/ CBSE & HSC students. Merit Scholarships are also extended to Medical, Engineering & Architecture candidates & even to Post Graduate students. We are also running a Charitable Homoeopathic Dispensary under Dr. Farida A. Talati.

We have disbursed a total Amount of Rs. 61,40,280/-during the financial year 2013 – 2014. We gratefully acknowledge all our regular donors and various trusts for their generous donations and we sincerely request all our Well Wishers to continue to contribute to FKS Foundation, as many deserving and needy students have been left out due to lack of funds.

Cheques to be drawn in favour of ” FKS Foundation” All donations are exempted under 80/G of Income Tax Act.

Mrs. Roshan F. Sholapurwala President,

Dr. Farida A. Talati  Mg. Trustee & Vice President

Ms. Rukhshana F. Sholapurwala – Trustee

Mrs. Kainaz X. Master Trustee

Mrs. Shernavaz R. Patel -Hon Secretary

Mr. Bomi D. Kavina –  Hon. Treasurer

Mrs. Hufrish M. Bamji -Committee Member

Mrs. Arin P. Master – Committee Member

Mrs. Tanaz Z. Mehta-  Committee Member


Boman Lodge, Khodadad Circle, Dadar, Mumbai – 400 014 Mob. 9821484146 ( Mon-Friday 9.00 am to 4.30 pm)


Just call for blood

Interview with Khushroo Poacha, Founder –

KHUSHROO POACHA, an office superintendent with the Indian railways, has kept his day job while running He’s an unlikely innovator with a mission: to prove that making a difference and sustaining an enterprise isn’t all about money. Though the initial phase of the enterprise brought him to the brink of financial crisis a few times, he tided over.

In India, because there are shortages, especially for rare blood types, patients are often asked to find their own blood. This isn’t easy for anyone. But it’s especially hard for those people who come from villages, far away from main centres, and don’t know how to get around.

Mr. Poacha is Ashoka changemaker and has delivered talk at TEDx Nagpur. He was also invited at the Asian Social Entrepreneurs Summit 2008 held in South Korea.

Prashant Sinha, PGP candidate and member of Utthan – social sensitivity cell at IIM Indore UAE campus had candid discussion with Khushroo Poacha about his initiative.

Click Here for the detailed interview

Umbergam Maroli Port-Capt K.R. Mistry

Dear All,

This Article [Umbergam Maroli Port.Capt K.R. Mistry] certainly needs to be widely circulated —for all to read and understand the implications of what will happen to the ecology of the complete surrounding area because of this sinister proposal.

This needs to be also brought to the attention of the Minister of Environment at the Centre, as this proposal will have far reaching negative impact to even faraway places like Udwada too.

Please do forward to all friends and request to create an awareness in the matter of how some power brokers are fooling the Public in wanting to create a Port on a Continental Shelf —with the ulterior motive of land grabbing.

Correctly said, that this area can easily be promoted for Tourism taking into account the abundant natural beauty.

With warm regards, Zal



Appeal for Donation

R.N.C. Free Eye Hospital was founded, in the year 1920 by a noble Parsi Zoroastrian Late Shri Dadabhai Ratanji Chavsarewala in pious memory of his father Late Shri Ratanji Natthubhai Chavsarewala whose name has become our popular abbreviation R.N.C.  Since it was the mandate of the donor to give FREE Eye Care Treatment to all needy patients, we do not and cannot charge them for giving treatment here. Today, after 94 years, wish of the Founder to give free service is still carried on.

At present our Hospital is having 6 full time Ophthalmologists and 3 visiting Consultants who, with the help of 34 staff members are engaged in providing Quality Eye Care to patients. At R.N.C. we examine about 80,000 to 90,000 Outdoor Patients and perform about 8,000 to 9,000 Cataract and other surgeries per year and now we are planning to increase the number of surgeries to 12.000 per year. In addition to that we also hold Eye Camps tor benefit of the people living in tribal areas. We also visit schools for eye checkup of students. We run an Eye Bank. Sometime back we have started Diabetic Retinopathy Centre for laser treatment of Retinal damage due to Diabetes. We also provide free lunch, dinner and morning milk with biscuits to patients and give to and fro transport fare to poor patients.

Though we give free treatment our commitment to quality of treatment remains uncompromising. Recent inflation in cost of treatment has made it very difficult and a challenging task to give free Quality Eye Care Treatment. The Management has been facing insurmountable problems of continually increasing financial burden of operating expenses. Since we give Totally Free treatments to our patients, donations from kind hearted donors like you and Government Grants are our main source of Income.

In spite of the above mentioned constraints we want to continue the mission, to provide Free Eye Care Treatment lo poor and needy patients, started 94 years ago by the founder of this Trust. To do so, we need your help and support We appeal to you, our kind hearted donors and well-wishers. to donate generously to this Trust. Your donation will provide us strength and enthusiasm to treat more and more patients and to bring cheers to their lives. Blessings of such patients will definitely add joy and happiness to you and your family’s life.

You may send your donation in cash or by cheque / draft drawn in favour of R.N.C. Free Eye Hospital at the following address

R.N.C. Free Eye Hospital Dr.Paragji Desai Road Opp.Mamlatdar’s Office, Near Kalyan Baug Valsad – 396 001, Gujarat

The amount of donation received from you is eligible for Income Tax Exemption under Clause 80G(5)(vi) of the !norm Tax Act.

For further information you may contact on the folbwing telephone numbers 1.R.N.C. Free Eye Hospital – 02632 – 244263 / 254886

2.Dr. Pesi Fulwadiwala. Secretary. Mob – 09979687710

3.Mr. Noshir J. Zaroliwala. Trustee. Mob – 09825149183

Thank you yery much

Members of the Board of Trustees R.N.C. Free Eye Hospital Valsad


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