Medical Aid Assistance Sought

Pls help Navzad as it maybe a cure for other hopefuls too.
To all my family and friends around the world,
The members of the Australian Zoroastrian Association are joining forces to urgently raise funds to support the Engineer family in Sydney.
Navzad Engineer has been undergoing treatment for brain tumours over the past few years, and as part of ongoing treatment, has been recommended a new medication available in the US at a cost of $20,00 every three weeks, in addition to ongoing expenses.
This treatment is not subsidised by the Australian government, and both his parents are now full-time carers for their son as he requires round-the-clock care. As such, the family is under huge emotional and financial distress. It would be much appreciated if you could please spread the word and donate generously. Bank details are as follows:

Financial Institution: ANZ Bank
Account Number: 012266 198912143
Account Name: Mr & Mrs V Engineer
I would request all to forward these details as someone can surely help.
Thank you
Regards Daulat Dolly Shahlori J..P.
Courtesy: Daulat- Dolly Shahlori <>

Tatas spent Rs 1k cr on corporate social responsibility activities in FY14

CaptureIn what could be the highest CSR spend by anIndian conglomerate, the Tata Group spent Rs 1,000 crore oncorporate social responsibility (CSR) in 2013-14. If one were to exclude the salt-to-software enterprise’s philanthropic trusts, the Tata Group companies spent Rs 660 crore on CSR in the just ended fiscal. The diversified Indian multinational’s CSR spend was well above 2% of its net profit, a minimum requirement for an Indian company under the Companies Act.

A significant amount of the total CSR spend by the Tata Group has gone into skill development, health and education, with Tata Steel emerging as the biggest spender within the group. Among other Indian conglomerates, the $40-billion Aditya Birla Group spent Rs 200 crore on CSR in fiscal 2014, which is a little over 2% of the net profit from India.

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‘Jiyo Parsi Jiyo,’ India Inc needs you too!

While the Tata Group is India’s largest conglomerate, the Wadia Group is also one of the oldest corporate houses in India.

It will be no exageration to say that Godrej is one of the most trusted brands in India.

These corporates were started by Parsi entrepreneurs ages ago and even today their successors continue the legacy by running these business houses in the most ethical way, reports Shaheen Mansuri/

The Parsi community in India and world over is known for maintaining its distinct customs, traditions and ethnic identity.

However, to our dismay, the dwindling Parsi population in India is a grave concern not only for the society but also for India Inc.

Today, the strength of the Parsi community is only 69,000 in India’s over one billion population. Latest government data reveals the population has declined around 39 per cent in the past 60 years.

This is an alarming situation and the Parsi community has hence launched a ‘Jiyo Parsi’ campaign to encourage Parsi youth to get married and have children to stem the decline.


Urgent Need of Financial Help

I, Dilnavaz Cyrus Irani, aged 58, residing at Daruwalla Bldg., B. Block, ground floor, room no 15, south frère bridge, nana chowk, grant road, Mumbai 400 007, am writing this letter requesting for financial aid for the treatment of my Mother, Mrs. Homai Varjavandi. My husband Mr. Cyrus Irani and I have retired long back and we sustain the house through tuitions and our savings. My son, Mr. Mehershan Irani has just completed his B.Sc. in aviation and is looking for a job. My daughter, Jennifer is married, working at TCS and looking after her own household, also paying her personal loan.
My mother, Mrs Homai Vajravandi is 80 years old, has weak skeletal structure and had suffered a right femur fracture earlier, had undergone surgery for a metal ball replacement at Dhanvantri hospital under the supervision of Dr. Telang and at BSES, Andheri (W) in 2009. Recently, the replacement dislocated due to the softness of her bone structure and she was readmitted to BSES Hospital for surgery for correction on 23rd September, 2014. The total cost of the operation for the resurgery of the fracture was Rs. 2.61 Lakh, which we managed to pull out from our savings. We got her home and within days, her health deteriorated and her conscious/voluntary movements stopped. We readmitted her to BSES Hospital on the 14th October, 2014 and after a CT scan, brain cerebral atrophy and periventral ischemic changes were detected. So she was reshifted to Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani Hospital for further management as it was the only hospital close to BSES specializing in brain related problems. Further MRI Scans at Kokilaben hospital revealed non haemorrhagic infarcts in the right Anterior Cerebral Artery and Middle Cerebral Artery and mass effect changes in the right lateral ventricle without Midline shift.

She has been kept in the ICU (Bed number 14 on the 3rd floor) at Kokilaben Dhirubai Ambani Hospital from 15th October 2014 till date. She has been intubated and mechanically ventilated; lately she also has undergone early tracheostomy. Diagnostic tests like Doppler, MRIs, 2D Echo and other routine tests are been used to monitor her status. She has been bed bound for more than 3 weeks now and has suffered bed sores for which she is also receiving treatment. She is stable at the moment with the brain showing improvement, spontaneous movements are seen on her right side and she is maintaining her oxygen levels with the help of the ventilator. Doctors say she is stable, showing signs of improvement but she has to be kept in ICU till she can maintain her vitals on her own. Dr. Annu Agarwal is handling her case and has specified that she will be soon taken off the ventilator to check whether she can maintain her breathing. Her brain cells need time to completely recover from the infract and atrophy so no one knows for sure how long she will have to be kept in ICU and further hospitalization.

I would like to emphasize that my father, Shahpur Vajravandi, husband of the patient is also diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and receiving treatment with regular visits to doctors. The hospitalization costs only for my mother including the surgery at BSES and now the procedures at Kokilaben has gone over 6 lacs and is becoming very difficult for us to manage.
The hospitalization cost currently at Kokilaben Hospital only has amounted to 4.06 Lakh Rupees /- till date. The breakup for the same is as follows.
Diagnostics – 71342 -/

Doctor fees – 36000 -/

Pharmacy – 144123 -/

Procedures – 23780 -/

Room Rent – 114000 -/

Rehabilitation – 17257 -/

This costing above is till the afternoon of 4th of November, 2014. Doctors estimate more days of ICU with intermittent scans and then depending upon her recovery, she will be shifted to the general ward for unknown period of time. She will then receive physiotherapy and checked for response. We do not know how the body will be responding once she is off sedation and brought to consciousness. It goes to see how much of the left handed body functions will be restored.

The post hospitalization medicines and procedures will also cost me sufficiently. Regular checkups for both my parents will also increase my expense besides the medicines. My utmost concern right now is to arrange for enough funds quickly so that the hospital goes on with the due course of treatment. I am still not sure of how many more days of treatment will be there so I cannot point out the actual final figure. As I get further updates on the figure or if the required target is reached, I shall immediately notify everyone for the same.

Dr. Annu Aggarwal can be contacted on the number 9320192277 in case anyone wants to ask & confirm the details of the procedures and tests. One can also contact the Hospital for inpatient details if needed.
Some of my relatives have helped me to pile up the earlier deposit of 3 lacs which I will need to also reimburse as soon as possible. I am thankful to all those who have taken the time out of their busy schedule to read my plea and I request the charitable organizations/trusts to help me out in this dire circumstances. Medical aid is welcome in any means possible, can also be done by cheque in the favour of “KOKILABEN DHIRUBHAI AMBANI HOSPITAL”. Let us know from where the cheque needs to be collected, I or any family member will come personally for the same.
Please let me know if any details or additional information is needed from our side. You can contact us through the following email address and the phone numbers;

Jennifer Irani – 9619035296

Dilnavaz Irani – 9588692263

I will be willing to help divulge any such information that helps my mother to completely recover.

Thanking you,

Yours gratefully,

Mrs. Dilnavaz Cyrus Irani

Request for donation

My husband is suffering from Aortic Dissection for which heis been admitted to P DHinduja National Hospital and Medical Research Centre, Mumbai on 11th He is a retired person for the past 13 years, having two daughters, one is single and the other is married, we have no source of income except living on income from banks pension and interest. With our monthly retired pension of around Rs 24,000/- we would find it extremely difficult to venture for this treatment. We have a nominalmediclaim policy of Rs 150,000/- in this difficult time.Till date we have incurred Rs 500,000/- on hospitalization, medicine, consultation and investigation for which we partly received the amount from nearest family members and well wishers which we have to return back to them. Currently he has been put on NIV (Non invasive Ventilator) BI PEP. We have currently hired the NIV machine on a rent of Rs.20,000/- pm and same will be utilized permanently for future use for which we will have to purchase on an outright basis which will cost Rs 150,000/-.Due to high level of infection and high level of carbon dioxide sustained in his body, doctors are trying to bring the level to minimum level after which they will rule out a Surgery of Aortic Dissection, Aorta Valve replacement and Bypass surgery which will cost around Rs 1,500,000/- and more. After successful surgery my husband will have to undergo monthly check up and a line of treatment which will cost us nothing less than Rs 10,000/- to Rs 15,000/- per month.We sincerely hope to receive positive response from well wishers like yourself.


Our Personal Details are as under.

Name: – Navaaz Sukheshwala – Cell No: – 9699330108

Name: – Hufrish Baria – Cell No: – 9833403159

Email Id: –

Our Present add we are staying as under.

C/O Hufrish K Baria, B S Panthaki Baug, Bldg No 19, Flat No 8, Gundavali Division, Opp Vishal Hall, Andheri East, Mumbai- 400069.

Banking details are as under.

Bank Name: – Central Bank of India, Branch: – Valsad Branch (Gujarat) Account No: – 1290620025

Thanking You,

Your truly,

Manijeh. Marzban. Sukheshwala

Sukheshwala – Doctor’s Certificate


Gifts to Khandhias, Nassesalara & Caretakers of Dokhmas

Hello All,
Am sharing this……
Please approach your Local Anjuman / Panchayat and ask them to send the said details to the person as mentioned in the notice. For the sake of these people take out a little time and do the needful.

Courtesy: Fozya India.
Courtesy : Daisy

Operation Eyesight at the XVII North American Zoroastrian Congress!


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” __Helen Keller
Our Congress is Nearly Sold Out! Only 10 Seats Left! Register Now!
Dear Friend,

Join us in giving the gift of sight!

We invite you to engage everyone from the littlest members of our community in religious education classes to our elders in Bridge Clubs across the continent in collecting gently used prescription eyeglasses and sending them to the Congress with your emissaries.

The Congress will work with other local like-minded organizations to ship the eyeglasses collected to eye camps in Mexico or Panama or other places identified by Operation Eyesight where there is a need for them.

Operation Eyesight works collaboratively with organizations worldwide, to bring reliable eye care to all people, especially those threatened by blindness and low vision. The organization has permanent clinics set up in many locations including Mexico, Panama, India and the Philippines.

Let’s come together: Our united actions can make a difference in our world today!

Best wishes,
The XVII North American Congress Committee

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