Appeal for Medical Expenses


Dear Friends

Pervin Langrana, a resident at Bharucha Baug, Bldg. No. D/3- Flat No. 82, S.V.Road, Andheri (W) Mumbai 400 058, is making this appeal on behalf of Mr. Gev Bulsara whose son has met with an Accident.

She is sending you’ll this appeal to state what has happened in her colony on last Saturday 15th.March 2014. A small boy Zarir Bulsara, 10 years old was sitting with his friends in our garden at around noon time and a coconut fell on his head, resulting in fracturing his skull into more than 24/25 pieces. He was rushed to the Nanavati Hospital, where Drs. Attended him immediately and operated on him. He was fully unconscious till Monday noon and was kept in I.C.U. for 5 days. On Wednesday he was shifted to a room. The impact has paralysed the child on the left side.

Mr. Gev Bulsara is coming from a middle class family. There are 6 persons in the family and only Mr. Gev Bulsara and his wife are earning members. His 2 children are schooling and his Mother and sister are old and dependant on him only.

This blow has really shaken them and I personally request one and all to come forward to help him what ever you all can. Please do send your cheqs / cash directly to Mr. GEV BULSARA at Bharucha Baug, Bldg. No. D/2 – Flat No. 95, S.V.Road, Andheri (W) Mumbai 400 058.

If you need any further clarification please feel free to contact her on tel. no. 9819173501. Her name is Pervin Langrana. e.mail is

Request our fellow bawas to share this post to your friends also.

Thanx & God Bless.

Young Rathestars

 There  is  a  group  of  Parsis  residing  at  Dadar  who  are  known  as  the  Young  Rathestars.  Each year  around  January  they  make  a  trip  into  rural  Gujarat.  Around  70  families  in  about  20  villages have  been  “adopted”  by  this  organization.
The  work  being  done  is  in  the  attached  report.  Kindly  see  for  yourself  . . . . .
Thanking  you,
Percy  Dalal

Appeal for donation towards Renovation and construction of new rooms at Sohrab Baug Dharamshala, Navsari

Appeal for donation towards Renovation and construction of new rooms at Sohrab Baug Dharamshala, Navsari
          (PTA), The Bombay Samachar – Sun, Narch 09, 2014.

We appeal for donation for renovation and construction of four additional rooms at our Sohrab Baug Dharamshala, Navsari.

Sohrab Baug Dharamshala and Community hall were established in 1868 (Eighteen Sixty Eight) and is situated in Tarota Bazar, Bamji Street, Navsari, 100 meters from Pak Aatash Behram. It has 10 rooms, out of which 7 rooms are with attached toilet-bathroom. On the ground floor there is a Community hall, which is being used for Jashans, Navjote and Marriage ceremonies.

Parsis from out station come to Navsari for visit to Pak Aatash Behram, for Navjote or Marriage ceremony and for personal visit stay here in Zoroastrian Environment. We also provide facilities for Bath-Toilets who do not stay overnight but only come to visit Aatash Behram.

Moreover we have decided to provide an Elevator so that aged / elderly persons can also take advantage of Dharamshala.

As the building requires repairing, renovation, painting etc, we have retained heritage Architect Mr. Jamsheed Bhiwandiwala of Mumbai for planning of renovation and supervision and he has given estimate of Rs. 40,00,000/- (Rupees Forty Lacs only) for the said work, including construction of four additional rooms.

We are unable to undertake this renovation and construction work from our own funds. Hence we request your goodselves to give us donation towards this expenditure.

The renovation and new construction work is already started.

Cheque / D.D. may be issued in the name of “Sohrab Baug Trust” and may be sent at the following address.

Dara K. Deboo, (Managing Trustee)

Sohrab Baug Trust,

Agiary Street, Malesar

NAVSARI 396445.

Yours faithfully,

For Sohrab Baug Trust


(Dara K. Deboo)

Managing Trustee

Food Scheme 2014

Appeal for FOOD SCHEME, of Mancherji Edalji Joshi Trust, Dadar.

Please support with your donation for this very needy cause of providing food to the old and infirm of our Community.

Details in the attached PDF file – Click Here.

Best wishes and kind regards,

Firdosh Khurshed Tolat

Need a writer in Mumbai for a blind student doing CA

Hi guys.
This is to inform you that My cousin (Rushabh Kapasi) is a visually disabled student & he is appearing for his CA Final Exam from 26/05/2014 to 09/06/2014. We need a writer for writing his examination as he cannot write the paper by himself.
Exams are on every alternate day. Exam timing is from 2.00 to 6.30pm in thane.
We need the writer to be fixed latest by 10th March 2014 .
The eligibility criteria for being a writer for CA final examination as per the Institute’s guidelines are :
1. He /she should not be registered for CA/CS/ICWA course.
2. He/she should not be a graduate.
Preferably we want a TYBcom/SYBCom student from Thane side.
Or else any student who has a good or basic accounting knowledge & his/her writing speed should be proper with good control on English language.
We are ready to pay charges for writing  if required.
Those who are ready to be a writer & are interested for writing please contact -
Haresh Kapasi 9820272762 ( father)

Your help in this regard would be highly appreciated :) plz pass on ths mssg in ur grp too ths is hs final year CA exam thnk you

Update on the Home for the Aged in Parsi General Hospital


PARSEE GENERAL HOSPITAL PREMISESBomanji Petit Road.,  Mumbai 400 036.

Land Marks : Near kemps Corner :  Opp Old American Consulate at Breach Candy


Office : 022  64519173    65726226


GENERAL TERMS AND STATUS :   Updated as on Nov 11, 2013.

Ø  Age 60 upto 80. :  Should be mobile. The Applicant has to be present in person during interview.

Ø  Should have a house of his/her ownso that in the event of becoming immobile, the Guarator has to shift him/herto his/her residence.

Ø  Ladies / Gents dormitories are separate.

Ø  Intercom Facility

Ø  Guarantee Letter by nearest Relative.

  Ground floor First Floor Second Floor Third Floor
Facility 3-4 Persons per Dormitory 3  Persons per Dormitory Individual Rooms  :  Small / Big One Bed Room, Hall, Kitchen
Bath Room Common Common Attached Attached
Lodging/Month Free 3500/- 15000/-  Small

22000/-   Big


2 months deposits in adv refundable

Boarding Free Free Extra – Not Compulsory. Extra – Can cook
Electricity Free Free Extra – Individual Meters Extra – Individual Meters
Servant Not allowed Not allowed Allowed at own cost Allowed at own cost
Telephone, TV, Cable Facility Common Lounge Common Lounge Own Arrangement Own Arrangement
Availibity as on Date Nov 11, 2013 Available Available Full Full



Courtesy :  Baji Kalwachia

Are we treating our Mobeds Right?


I stood there for long, watching the aged priest chant the beautiful “Avesta” words which filled the hall. Besides me, there were only 2 other persons, but the priest prayed loud and clear, enunciating each word which filled the space therein. While droplets of sweat trickled down my back and face, my mind was urging me to go out where there was breeze and get on with my other chores for the day. But a part of me kept in holding on inside the inner space where the “Boi” ceremony was going on.

The aged priest bent down and picked up the few paltry coins in the tray and dropped them in the box. From a distance I could see a few one rupee coins and maybe a couple of five rupees. That was all that was there. Out of the collection, he would get a part of this as his share of earnings, as it would be shared amongst all the priests on duty at the Atashbehram.

I was witnessing all this in a sort of disinterested stupor, when a thought suddenly flashed in my mind which made me feel very small. I recalled that when we order something from the grocer round the corner, or the vegetable vendor, or when we order burgers from McDonalds, or a pizza, we very graciously dish out a five rupee note or more often ten rupees to say the least as a tip to the delivery boy for his service. Sometimes this happens more than a couple of times a day to different vendors rendering different services. When we go to a restaurant, a fifty rupee or a hundred rupee tip for the waiter is considered in order. All this for a task done for us. Perhaps this is because anything less than this would invoke scorn from the receiver.

Then why do we save the least for our priests who tend to our holy fires? Why do they have to be the last on our minds? Why must there be only “one person among a hundred” to put a hundred rupee note in the ‘ Ashodad box’ ?

In the sweltering heat, at unearthly hours, 24X7, they serve the community. Despite their long hours of prayers, they do not gorge on all the blessings of the Lord. They tend to the fire, keep it burning day and night. Often we wait for the machi bells to be rung and leave the fire temple. While they toil through the hour on their feet in the heat of the sacred fire and fill the air with the resonance of the beautiful prayers even if there is no one around to hear them chant. Still, in our minds, they do not deserve more.

How callous can we be, how low can we stoop, how small can we get. I looked around, almost hoping that others around would feel just the way I felt at that moment. I didn’t get a response. As I was about to leave, I saw someone else enter. I stopped, hoping from this moment onwards, there would be a stretch in the generosity; but the struggle began… to find a coin of the least denomination.

Courtesy :  Farah


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