All India Zoroastrian Power lifting championship

Dear All,
I am pleased to inform you that  All India Zoroastrian Power lifting championship will be conducted on 1st March 2014 at Dadar Parsi Gymkhana (Dadar(E)  - Mumbai), all Zoroastrians are invited to participate. Brochure attached for your perusal.
Above event was a grand success last year & the committee members would like it to continue in the years to come.
Requesting community members to donate generously for the success of the event. The cheque can be drawn in favour of “Dadar Parsee Colony Gymkhana”. Contact details are provided in the brochure
Looking forward to your active participation & cooperation.
Best regards,
Cyrus  Solaina

Rs. 55 Crore Grant by Jamsetji Tata Trust

The Jamsetji Tata Trust has contributed a grant of Rs 55 crore to The Akshaya Patra Foundation, which will be utilised over the next five years in improvising and optimising various resources within the not-for-profit organisation. This initiative is projected to provide constant backing in the repair and upgradation of the existing kitchens. It is also aimed at acquiring logistic equipment like transportation, reducing cooking to consumption time, mounting ‘green initiatives’, enhancing food safety measures and achieving process efficiencies.

In a public-private partnership along with funding and grants from the state and central Government of India, Akshaya Patra feeds over 1.3 million children in 9 states and 20 locations. Mid-day meals are distributed in 10,050 government schools across these locations every school day.

“The mission of Akshaya Patra is to reach 5 million children by 2020. This initiative will empower us to take few steps towards our goal. We are grateful to the Jamsetji Tata Trust for having seen value in associating with our programme,” said Sri Madhu Pandit Dasa, Chairman, The Akshaya Patra Foundation.

The Jamsetji Tata Trust is one of the oldest philanthropic institutions in India, and has played a pioneering role in changing traditional ideas of charity.

You can help save the Vultures

You can help save the Vultures!! Please donate generously

BNHS to establish Vulture Safe Zone in Madhya Pradesh

 Nature’s Custodians of Cleanliness:

For centuries vultures have been silently performing a very important task in the cycle of nature. They are Nature’s Custodians of Cleanliness. Till the early 1990s, huge flocks of vultures along roadsides, along railway lines, in fields, in forests and at dumping grounds were a common site. They played a key role in keeping our countryside clean and disease-free by disposing off animal carcasses. That apart, vultures are graceful birds, when you see them soaring high up in the heavens or majestically gliding down in search of food.

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Courtesy : K F Keravala

Appeal – Medical Aid

The Board Members
‘Zarthushti Anjuman of Northern California’
PO Box 4568
Foster City, CA 94404USA

Re: Medical Assistance.

Respected Sir/Madam,

Your generous efforts to share a few sum on caring of treatment to woman’s life in the care and remedial operation a surgery against curing the osteoporotic spine /mild marrow edemea/D12&11 vertebral body (medical copies and reports included with this letter) patient KHORSHED BUHARIWALA{A parsi Zoroastrian individual lady 70yrs old woman who served the “Navsari Aabuwala parsi infirmary” a rigorous service to the parsi people from allover the world for 40 yrs,A self devoted indispensable humanity service done in faith to Zarthusti nonce to needy co religious of Zoroastrian faith. in dire disparity for dispossessing cost of medical expenses.} who , has been diagnosed and preferably prescribed to the admission at Masina Hospital by Dr. Shahrukh Vatcha where in few days operation will be undertaken performed.It will be in will to Lord AHURA MAZDA for exponential benefit to this lady’s curing and medical treatment if your org. contribute and donate money, otherwise this shall lead remain to cui bono if honest kind and benevolent parsi a ingratiate each parsi community person do not adhered to take significance of our prophets legacy of courtesy.

I have firm belief that the medical help and monetary aid from your institution, or person as self about the aid /financial help in life’s expedient danger period, given help in monetary terms to ailment of expenses in medicine /treatment and cure, operation and cure, remains top agenda and for this I put here a plea, a message before your organization/institution conveying through this letter. In philanthropy Parsis as a community always come forward to such a plightful condition The total estimated expense is 3 lakhs rupees and with a salary of 5000/month the medical cost is non-surmountance unsustainable and superlative.

Yours truly,

Pharhad Buhariwala.
Address of correspondence:-pinjar-street,malesar,Navsari-396445.Gujarat.India.

On prudence and approval to genuine cause I ascertain your organization genuinely that all medical report copies and referral to this cause a affirmation made and issued by Dastoorji Maherji Rana the High priest of Zoroastrian community about the facts and truth shall also be postally send with integrity your org. will be send immediately all receipt, bill and account ,reports xerox copies maintained


Courtesy : Hushang Vakil

Appeal for Funds for repairs to Agiary

We the Parsis of THE CAWNPORE PARSEE ANJUMAN, KANPUR, UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA  hereby wish to make a humble appeal to all the respected Individual members of the community/ Trusts /Organizations belonging to the Zoroastrian community to come forward and donate Whole Heartedly  to “ B.N. Javeri Dare-Meher” the only Agiary (ATASH PADSHAH) and the oldest in the North India and the only functional one in the entire State of Uttar Pradesh.
The purpose of our making this humble Appeal is that we intend to undergo major repair work  along with painting  and renovating  the  Agiary which has not been done for the past so many years majorly due to lack of funds.
We at Kanpur are a handful of Parsi’s  just  35 in number to be more precise. The source of income is negligible as compared to the expenses relating to maintenance of Agiary.  We are getting Dasturji’s from Mumbai on rotation, as no one is willing to come on a permanent basis. Our Dasturji who was looking after the Agiary has grown very old and is not  keeping well. We thus have to look after our old Dasturji and also the Dastur’s who come from Mumbai.
We therefore most humbly request our community members to donate generously, to enable us to maintain the only Agiary in Uttar Pradesh. Donations may  please be sent by way of Demand Draft or Account Payee cheque in favour of “B.N.  JAVERI  DARE-MEHER TRUST” on the under mentioned  address.
Hoshang Homi Udwadia
( Andheri W, Mumbai ~ M : 9321519478 )

Appeal – Liver Donor required


This is a humble request to all Indians, my son aged 40 is critically ill and his liver is not functioning and he is at the end stage of the disease. For his condition the doctors have asked us for liver transplant asap. Pls someone who is willing to donate a part of his liver and has A + (POSITIVE) or A negative , or else O positive blood group. The donor must be 18 to 60 years of age without suffering from any disease. Pls pls we are running out of time.

Pls anyone willing to donate, call or share this information with you friends. Pls call us at 09911901424. Or else mail at :

We Thank you in anticipation.
D B Pandey



We are building this ATASH KADEH to provide a PLACE OF BELONGING for our FUTURE GENERATION and are asking


and COMMUNITY MEMBERS to be a part of this special GIFT OF PRAYER. To-date, we have collected about 50% and look forward to bridge the remaining 50% through your kind donations.  Please visit and go to DONATE to support this project

You can end this year  by making a difference and enjoying a tax deduction for your kind donation

Godrej family & Anu Aga honoured

Godrej family & Anu Aga honoured for their outstanding contribution towards the good of the society at Forbes India Philanthropy Awards.

Corporate Catalyst

Anu Aga

Why she won

For interpreting philanthropy as more than just signing a cheque and for getting personally involved in building philanthropic institutions.





Outstanding Corporate Foundation

Godrej family

Why they won

For consistently carrying out a wide range of philanthropic activities


Appeal – Arzan Baria

Dear Friends,

It is unfortunate to hear of a young Zoroastrian from Dubai, having to go thru pain & hardship for a cure in Mumbai.
We can only hope & pray that he recovers & once again joins his employment.
As you will read from the letters in the attachment, Arzan needs financial support to continue his treatment with a hope to be fully fit.
I would request all those who can support this noble cause & donate generously so that we can give Arzan all that he deserves to lead a normal life.
Thank you all,
Roomi Sarkari


Medical Scheme for Parsee Senior Citizens

Sir Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy 150th Death Anniversary Medical Scheme for Parsee Senior Citizens
Applications are once again invited from Parsi & Irani Zoroastrians residing in Mumbai, Pune, Udvada. Vaisad. Navsari and Surat who are above 65 years of age (as on 1st January 2014), and whose personal income is below Rs 1.50 lakhs per annum, Persons already enrolled and presently covered under the Scheme, and those who do not meet the above mentioned criteria need not apply.

After careful scrutiny and personal  interviews, deserving persons shall be selected an the basis of age, income‘ family support, medical history, etc. Selected persons shall be entitled to receive reimbursement of medical expenses upto a mailman amount of Rupees Fifty thousand (Rs 50,000/-) per annum.

Application Forms may be collected (at Rs 20/- each) between1st November – 15th December 2013 (between 10.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. only) from any of the following centres:

1. Sir J J Charity Fund, Kalpataru Heritage, 5th Floor, 127, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Mumbai 400001.

2. Sir J J Agiary, 826, Dastur Meher Road. Pune 411001.

3. Sir J J Dharamshala, Sea View Street, Udvada, 396 180.

4. Sett R J J High  School (Eng Med), Tithai Road, Valsad 396001.

5. Jarnshed Baug,  SIr J J Marg, Charpool, Navsari 396445.

6. Surat Parsi Punchayat, Dr, J Lashkari Road, Shahpore, Surat 395 003.

Application Forms, duty completed with all necessary supporting attachments, should be submitted by Courier / Registered Post to Sir JJ Charity Fund, at the address mentioned (at Sr, No.1) above on or befoe 31st January 2014


Sir J J Charity Fund


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