Najamai Lasan’s 3 Minute Nee Akuri

You are not a proper parsi lady until you master the art of preparing akuri….With the help of an assistant of course ! A Parsi ladies hands are made for more important things like playing Mahjong, bridge and drinking shandi..Not cutting kanda and tamota ! and please stay tuned for my next recipe of dhandar patio on the patio, with the help of an assistant of course !

B. Merwan’s Mawa Cake


B. Merwan’s mawa cake. How the Bombay cupcake survived

………………………………….  Mawa cakes, the soft, buttery, cardamom-infused cupcakes rolled in wax paper, have been a menu staple at Irani cafés and bakeries from the time they opened in Bombay and Poona in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A hundred years later, Bombay’s mawa cake still travels from the city’s Irani cafés to The Big Smoke and is savoured by the likes of celebrated Parsi chef Cyrus Todiwala, OBE. “The B. Merwan family bakes the best mawa cakes ever. In fact we have three mini ones in our freezer right now,” shares Todiwala.

B. Merwan & Co. recently celebrated a century of serving patrons an affordable breakfast and delicious mawa cakes; and also announced that March 2014 would be the last time this would happen. ………………………………….

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SodaBottleOpenerwala, Gurgaon

Even though SodaBottleOpenerwala is only a couple of weeks old, it seems that most foodies are clued into the existence of this new “Parsi/Irani/Mumbai street food” joint in Gurgaon, adjacent to the Capital. The set-up and decor transport you to the Irani restaurants of Mumbai—the black and white faded tiles on the floor, plastic-covered floral-print sofas, the payment counter with old-fashioned biscuit glass jars, a carom table, even a billiards table.

Parsi perennials like dhanshak were missing from the menu and it was a real pity that on the day of our visit, Parsi Bheeda Par Eeda or Tomatar Papeta Par Eeda were not being served. All the prices on the menu, which is still evolving, are introductory. Some dishes have been inspired by iconic Mumbai eateries like Britania & Co. (the Berry Pulaos), Haji Ali Juice Centre and Amar Juice Centre (the sandwiches) and Bademiya (the Kheema Baida Roti).
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Rustom Wadia – Bakewell

Parsi Delights at Bakewell – the only Parsi Bakery in UAE that serves mouth-watering pastries, kiri buns, hot crispy bread and ladi pav !

Bakewell has twice bagged the famous TIME OUT award as Dubai’s best bakeries 2008 – 2009 is located on the Rolla street in Bur Dubai

Dhansak in eight easy steps

Cooking dhansak is the gospel of Parsi cooking. Now you can make dhansak at your home in eight easy steps – it doesn’t get any easier!

It doesn’t help that all the recipes online /in cook-books have enough steps to scare the living daylights out of me. And, since the mom-in-law has so far been chief Dhansak maker, it means that I have to live up to my mom, in-laws and the Mr. standards.

However,  there is no greater joy than facing your fears which is what I exactly did last week and it turned out amazing! Much simpler than I thought it was in retrospect. So, here’s my eight – step recipe for Dhansak:

To make enough for 6 very hungry people and some leftovers – Click Here

Perzen Patel is the @BawiBride. Bawi by birth and foodie by life, Perzen believes that great moments are born out of great opportunities. The Bawi Bride blog documents Perzen’s journey of cooking everyday Parsi food to feed fellow foodie souls. She also caters to Mumbai foodies and offers dips, desserts and Parsi delicacies for purchase each weekend.

Amazing Rotli Maker

Rotimatic is world’s first fully automatic roti making appliance. For centuries women have spent time daily to make fresh rotis for their families, a task which is often described as a chore and hassle. Rotimatic solves this problem and frees up people from the daily chore. Now healthy homemade fresh rotis are available at a touch of a button.

More information at and

Introducing the launch of Eat In Style by Feritta

Some of you know Feritta as the recording artist and singer, well in addition to her singing talents this enterprising Zoroastrian has also recently launched a YouTube page and Facebook page to give us a look at the delicious recipes of her upcoming cookbook ‘Eat In Style by Feritta’.  The Facebook pages features recipes from the cookbook, gorgeous food pics and tips on making entertaining a breeze.  Her Youtube page features cooking demonstrations of a variety of cuisines with a new video each month.  
For those who want to hear her music:
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