Archaeology and Catering:The Dalal Family

Came to know a lovely couple,the Dalals through friends.Kurush Dalal is an archaeologist and a caterer(and a humorous and jolly guy,quite evident from the photo taken by Kalyan Karmakar, above) while his wife Rhea Mitra-Dalal is a freelance content writer and also writes a food blog.After reading my post on Highway Gomantak,Rhea recognised my aunt,Mrs Acharya as being her music teacher during her childhood! Such a small world!

It was only later that I discovered that Kurush is the son of the well known author and archaeologist Katy Dalal,who passed away, a year ago.It was she who started the business in 1976 and Kurush worked with her till he went away to Pune to complete his M.A and PhD.He then launched Dalal Enterprises in 1998 and there has been no looking back.


Kurush says his inspiration for catering comes from his mother and grandmother who were amazing cooks and a long list of aunts who cooked “real food”

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Articles in Upper Crust on Parsis and Food around Dahanu

Chikoo County In India
Dahanu is truly India’s chikoo county. A small, sleepy coastal town on the shores of the Arabian Sea in which Irani planters grow chikoos and lychees in little wadis close to the railway station.

Dairyland Off The Highway!

On the Bombay-Ahmedabad Highway, make sure you stop at Dairyland for a meal. The food is Gujarati and it is a wholesome vegetarian meal, with the goodness of Parsi lassi and kulfi, says Farzana Contractor.


Dahanu’s Only Irani Restaurant
JEHANGIR KERSI IRANI is the only Irani restaurateur in Dahanu. He serves the locals authentic Dhandar Patio and Kheema Papeta in his tiny Irani restaurant and delivers food parcels all over the coastal town.

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A candid chat with Farrokh Khambata

A candid chat with restaurateur Farrokh Khambata

It won’t be wrong to say that most restaurateurs in the world are avid foodies who derive great joy by feeding people. Farrokh Khambhata, founder and owner of Catering & Allied, the company that runs four city restaurants — Joss, Umame, Amadeus and Café at the NCPA, along with and a full service catering ourfit Joss Catering Services — is one of them. I meet him one rainy Thursday evening at the recently-opened Joss at Santacruz. The eatery is a finer version of his restaurant by the same name at Kala Ghoda, which shut down in May 2011, after a decade-long successful run. The food at the new Joss is created using molecular gastronomy, which Khambata prefers to call food science. Indeed, a margherita comes in a smoking pipe-shaped glass and prawns come with a sauce in a pipette. As I tuck into a piping Bibimbap, a signature Korean rice dish mixed with vegetables, an egg, and chillies, Khambata, dressed in a cobalt-blue shirt and black trousers, shares intricate details of each of the dishes with me. He prods me to try out different delicacies but abstains from eating anything himself. “I know what it tastes like,” he grins.

My favourites
Destination: Any diving destination — Seychelles, Mauritius, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Maldives
Food: Spanish and European food
Hobbies: Music, playing the guitar and driving

Inside Track
Born: June 30
Education: Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition at Dadar
First job in the kitchen: Chopping onions
Motto: You are as good as your last meal you served
Mantra in life: Be passionate about what you are doing

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Cooking eggs the Parsi way

Eggs and us
As the Parsis had hobnobbed with the British, they have always been egg-friendly. Also, because Parsis have a rich background in baking, which was their traditional profession in Persia, eggs are integral to their cooking.
— Kurush Dalal

Memories galore
This recipe was my all-time favourite as a child, growing teenager, and now, in my early fifties. I cannot forget a day when mum (Perzen’s nani) had asked me, what would you like to take to college and I would quickly say — Sali Per Eedu. I got the secret from my younger brother, Rayomand, who visited me in New Zealand in 2009 while I was fighting for my life against Leukaemia. All the 21 days that he stayed with us and asked me what I would like to eat, I chose only this.”
— Shernaz Petigara, Perzen Patel’s mother, Bawi Bride

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Discover the Parsi / Iranian side of Pune

Visiting  Poona’s  famous Irani food  joints –  See and enjoy what  others  have to say about them.
Enjoy,  it is  Nostalgic, even though I was there  in 2010
Rusi Sorabji

10 Best Parsi Recipes

Parsi cuisine is most commonly known to be a mix of hot and sweet, nice and spice. It involves simple yet diverse ingredients that in theory seem a bit odd but make complete sense on a plate. ‘Parsis’ or ‘parsees’ are descendants of Zoroastrians who fled Iran during the Arab invasion in the 17th century. They eventually settled along the west coast of India and it’s during that time they developed a distinct cuisine, one that proudly boasts of Gujarati, Maharashtrian, Iranian and British flavours.

From their Irani roots they borrowed a flare for meat and feast. They love to spend hours cooking before a big ceremony and prepare dishes that are absolutely mind-blowing: Koimino patio (a sweet and sour prawn curry), Dhandal patio (fish curry served with rice and lentils), Akoori, Dhan Daal with Khaari fish and Kopra Pak (Coconut Fudge).

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A new cafe in Dadar’s Parsi Colony

We treaded on a gravel-laden path one afternoon, on the rear side of the quaint Dina Manzil. The café’s name (Cafe 792) was hand-painted on a wall and looked welcoming. Already, we had a good feeling about this matchbox-like treasure amid the lush environs of Dadar’s Parsi Colony.

For a tiny space, the cafe offers an impressive variety —sandwiches, salads, wraps, and baked sweet and savoury items. Jehan Nargolwala, one of the partners of the cafe, informed us that the eatery gets its name from the block number of the property. Another interesting nugget that we learnt was that Nargolwala’s father, Gustad Dehmiri is one of the partners at Cafe Universal and Leopold Cafe.

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At: Dina Manzil, Jame Jamshed Road, Dadar Parsi Colony.
Cal: 32277687


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