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Courtesy : Jehangir Bisney

A Parsi lady makes a Kushti

A Parsi lady makes a Kushti – interesting

Courtesy : Jehangir Bisney

North American Navjote

Our community is small, shrinking and delightfully eccentric. Staying alive–basic survival–is our greatest challenge. That is why the /navjot/ ceremony is vital for children within the community, as only those who have performed the ceremony are considered ‘in’; the discourse of ‘insider’ vs ‘outsider’ is animated in our community as in other South Asian communities.

This narrative briefly describes and analyzes Parsi ethnic identity as a background to the main thread of the chapter—organizing a /navjot/ (Zarthusti initiation ceremony) in Vancouver Canada. To be a Parsi is essentially to be a Zarthusti in India. The word Parsi means from Pars—Persia–so we are Persians/Iranians in India who have been there for less than 1000 years depending on the time of migration. As a Kenyan born Parsi raised in Canada I was brought up to be a feminist and activist, having a supportive father and strong female role models—quite common in our community.

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Rashna Chinoy

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Lagan Navjote Sagan

A brief compilation for resources for events including :

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  • Caterers
  • Daglis
  • Florists
  • Invitation Cards
  • Jewellery
  • Lights
  • Liquor
  • Music
  • Photography / Video
  • Pugrees
  • Saris
  • Ses Polishing
  • Bridal Dressing
  • Event Co-ordinators
  • Kustis / Sadras

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Navjote Ceremony

NAVJOTE: The Becoming of a Parsi

Zoroastrian baptizing ceremony in India

Navzote Master

I would like to share


With you and your family.

Over the last 19-years, I have devoted hundreds of hours of my valuable time to bring this special project FROM ROOT TO FRUIT.

Over the years, thousands of Zarathushti parents and kids across the globe have benefited from this UNIQUE PRAYER PROGRAM CREATED SPECIALLY FOR INFANTS AND TODDLERS  THIS IS MY CONTRIBUTION FOR THE NEXT GENERATION



From my heart to yours

Meher Amalsad

Westminster, California, USA

Navjote – Some Useful Tips


By late Mrs. Shehnaz N. Munshi

A child, of Zoroastrian parentage is initiated into the faith after he or she completes six years of age. Some perform the initiation ceremony at the age of 9 years, and in the case of boys, in exceptional circumstances the ceremony can be performed even at the age of eleven. In Iran the traditional age for initiation was 15 years. The child should be at an age where he or she understands the importance of the ceremony and can learn the prayers by heart. However, it is incumbent that the ceremony is done before the child reaches puberty.

This very important Zoroastrian ceremony of initiation is called the Navjote (Nav= new; jote= initiate), when the new initiate is taken into the faith through the investiture of the sacred sudreh and kushti.


Yatha Ahu Vairyo; AshemVohu;-Kem Na Mazda; Ahura Mazda Khodae; Jasa me avanghe Mazda; Nirang - I Gaomez (ie Shikasteh Shikasteh Shaetan); Sarosh Baj; Ahmai Raeshcha; Hazangrem; Jasa Me Avanghe Mazda; Kerfeh Mozd; Diva No Namaskar; Doa Tandarosti; Din ­no Kalmo

In the past, the child was also made to learn the Patet Pashemani, but sadly this does not happen any more. It would be very beneficial if the child is also made to learn the two short, but very important Zoroastrian prayers, viz. The A Airyema Ishyo and the Yenghe Hatam. Apart from making the child recite these prayers, it is also important that the child practises the tying and the untying of the kushtiwith a piece of cord, long enough to go thrice around the waist. Continue reading


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