World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce (WZCC)

World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce –

The World Zarathushti Chamber Of Commerce has been created to facilitate networking, enhance Trade & Commerce and to renergize the Zarathushti entrepreneurial spirit and thus bring about economic prosperity to all Zarathushtis worldwide. The Chamber recognises that commerce and industry are major institutions of humankind. Commerce and business enterprise founded on the principles of Integrity and Industry are a Zarathushti hallmark known throughout the world.

The intermingling of Zarathushti history and commerce during the past two centuries is a constant reminder that an essential ingredient for the prosperity of the Zarathushti community is its entrepreneurial activities.

The WZCC is founded to keep alive the spirit of Zarathushti enterprise and to facilitate trade and commerce so that the Zarathushti community may continue to remain vibrant and prosperous.

The Chamber’s mission is to energize Zarathushti entrepreneurial spirit in countries of the world through a networking of business and professionals.

We stand ready to help and support each other and grow together as businesses and in turn support and strengthen our worldwide Zarathushti community.

Be a Entrepreneur: The Chamber’s main asset will be its database providing information on topics ranging from worldwide job availability and business opportunities to a bank of historical data on Who’s Who in the fast paced World Zarathushti Business Arena.

WZCC invites business initiatives, encourages networking and allows our members to enunciate or advertise their business and concepts too.

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