Fire Temples and History

Zoroastrian fire temples were initially built during the early Achaemenian period. By the end of that dynasty the three types of fires, Atash Behram, Atash Adaran and Atash Dadgah, had a recognized place in Zoroastrian society. During the Parthian period 248 BCE to 224 CE the three great fires of Zoroastrianism, Adur Farnbag, Adur Gushnasp and Adur Burzen Mihr, were installed.

Today there are eight Atash Behrams in India:

      • 1. Udwada Anjuman(Shenshai) built in 11th century CE

        2. Navsari Anjuman(Shenshai) built in 1765

        3. Surat Vakil (Kadmi) built in 1823

        4. Surat Mody (Shenshai) built in 1823

        5. Bombay Dady Seth (Kadmi) built in 1783

        6. Bombay Wadia (Shenshai) built in 1830

        7. Bombay Banaji (Kadmi) built in 1894

        8. Bombay Anjuman (Shenshai) built in 1898

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