Bai Virbaiji Soparivala (BVS) Parsi High School – Karachi

BVS is one of the oldest Parsi school for boys in Karachi, Pakistan. Located near the electronic market on Abdullah Haroon Road in Karachi, the school boasts an original school building constructed in 1857. Recent Alumni of note include Bilal Maqsood (Strings, the band).

From a very humble beginning more than a Century ago, the BVS Parsi School has become an institution of distinction.


Riyad Gandhy

Riyad and Eclipse

International Equestrian Athlete – going for Olympics 2008

I grew up in Bombay, India, where I started riding horses at a very young age at the Amateur Rider’s Club (ARC). I was exposed to horses by my father, Adil, who grew up as an avid rider himself with a passion for horses. As part of the younger generation of riders at the Amateur Rider’s Club, I owe a lot of thanks to the adult riders at the time who kept a watchful eye on us kids, and volunteered a lot of their time to create a fun and educational environment for us young riders to gain experience…..

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The purpose of this forum is to facilitate networking & interaction amongst fellow Zoroastrians, viz., extending our acquaintance to members of our community across cities, states, & borders by sharing worthwhile articles & information, providing possible assistance on request, etc…

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Zerbanoo Gifford

Zerbanoo Gifford

International Woman of the Year, Human Rights Campaigner and author, Zerbanoo Gifford was born in India on May 11th 1950. The eldest daughter of Bailey Irani founder President of the WZO and Kitty Mazda, Zerbanoo, married to the international human rights lawyer Richard Gifford, lives in England with their sons Mark Mazda and Alexander Justice.

Zerbanoo holds the Nehru Centenary award for her work championing the cause of Women, Children and minorities. She has been awarded the Freedom of the city of Lincoln Nebraska for her work against modern slavery and racism.
A member of the Race relations forum and an advisor to the former British Home Secretary, Zerbanoo has chaired the Commission “Looking into Ethnic Minority Involvement into British Life.” She made political history when elected as a councillor for the Liberals in 1982 as the first non white woman. She has also contested Parliamentary elections on three occasions.

Dhun Adenwalla

Dhun Adenwalla: It was necessity and later a focused interest that made me an Educator of the Deaf. Our eldest daughter, Dinaz, was born deaf.

At the time, I was by profession a qualified librarian, having worked at the American Library, the British Council Library in Bombay and the British National Bibliography, the British Museum, London. And before qualifying as a librarian, I had studied fashion designing and dressmaking in London and worked for a leading weekly in Bombay.

Anu Aga

Anu Aga

Anu Aga was born in Bombay, India on 3rd August 1942. She began her industry career in Thermax in 1985 and later was in charge of the Company’s human resources function from 1991 to 1996. After her husband Rohinton Aga passed away, the Board appointed her as the Executive Chairperson of the Thermax Group in February 1996, and two years later became non-executive Chairperson.