Stanford University Course on Zoroastrianism

For the first time Stanford University is offering a course on Zoroastrianism. This course will be a unique way for a student to learn about Zoroastrianism, its long history, profound influence on world religions and philosophy. Please encourage students you might know to enroll in this course for the winter 2008 quarter.

This course satisfies the Humanities requirements that all students have to take. Registration for courses begins on November 19th and we would like to make sure that we get a strong interest from the student body. Success in enrollment will keep the course offered for the following years.

The course is listed in the course catalogue as

RELIGST20 – Introduction to the Zoroastrian Religion – Professor Jennifer Rose

Winter: Tue 1:15-4:05pm – DB-Hum – 3 units – Room: Bldg 20 21G

Courtesy : Nilufer Variava

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