Anthroposophy is a modern path of knowledge and a spiritual science, which enables the human being to gain a deep understanding of his/her own true nature, and of the world we live in. The word “Anthroposophy” comes from the Greek language, and means “wisdom of the human being”. This wisdom ultimately leads to the connection of the spiritual in the human being to the spiritual, which pervades the universe.

Anthroposophy as a world-view is not confined to the purely conceptual, but expresses itself in all realms of life on earth. The arts, the sciences, education, agriculture, medicine, architecture, all these fields have been permeated and transformed by the impulse of Anthroposophy. It is thus a living power, which appeals to the whole human being: to his/her three-fold nature of thoughts, feelings and actions.

Aban & Dilnawaz Bana

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