World Class rubber products for the Automotive Industry – India’s largest single source supplier for EPDM Rubber Extrusions, Weather Strips, Channels &
Custom made Profiles for Doors, Windows, Windscreens &
Roof Finishers and Radiator Hose Systems – widest range of OEM products, including :

  1. Rubber profiles
  2. Door Seals
  3. Window channels
  4. EPDM Rubber profiles
  5. Windscreen Weatherstrips
  6. Weather-strips
  7. Waist line seals
  8. Sponge Rubber seals
  9. Rubber Extrusions
  10. PVC Profiles
  11. Flocked Channels
  12. Radiator Hoses
  13. Hose Pipes
  14. Coolant Hoses
  15. Heater Hoses

Cyrus and Pilloo Aga

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