Dr. Turners’ Speciality Dental Center

Our mission is to create a million dollar smile for you – your’s is to flash it !

It is our endeavor to deliver the highest quality dental care to our patients through the latest and state of the art dental treatment procedures in a warm, caring and professional environment. Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Care and more, right in the heart of Mumbai (Bombay) – Dr. Porus Turner, Dr. Ferzin Turner, Dr. Ashdin Turner, Mr. Danesh Vazifdar, Dr. Rashnavi Masalwala


  • It was a journey to remember, UK to Mumbai and was subsequently put up at their apartment for the time spent on my treatment, back again to Mumbai later on to finalize all major dental works in implants. This family run dental practice of over 70 years in total experience is true to their word, one to certainly know through the different experiences you have with them, one will never forget, the dental experiences and the very irreplaceable friendly aura in their work environment, they are certainly a unique in their field, to say the least, and at every attempt a true professionalism is in application at all times to the optimum to the field of dentistry and must say “such a credit to their discipline”. I would recommend anyone with the pleasures one has to experience in wait.

    • I came from America to Mumbai, November 2011 to have all of my teeth recapped and two implants. It was a wonderful experience!! My periodontist and hygienist were most impressed with the quality of work and all of my friends and associates are amazed at how beautiful my teeth look now. There was very little pain and an immaculate, professional clinic with the latest equipment and comfortable chairs. The dentists are brilliant and absolutely delightful! They provided a very nice, clean apartment for me and sent drivers to deliver me to them every day and attended my every need. Don’t walk; run the these incredible Parsi dentists!!

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