Darius Dhalla – Architect

Darius Dhalla has been inspired and driven by Kamal Dhalla (mother) who was exceptionally creative and passionate about her work, about glass designing, the arts and about life at large and inherited a love for architecture and design.


Playing a very vital role in his life, Kamal believed in Darius and wholeheartedly nurtured his passions but also posed as his biggest critic. Choosing to study architecture, Darius spent five long hardworking but enjoyable years at the L.S. Raheja School of Architecture in Mumbai, graduating in the year 1991.

After graduation, over and above designing homes and interiors; both residential and commercial, Darius has even been working and learning all about glass with his mother, Kamal in her company Accent Glass Art.

Darius strongly believes, working in these varied yet inter related fields has helped him grow in a holistic way.

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