Coming Together Round Table – Background

  • First “Coming Together Roundtable”, in 2005 at the Eighth World Zoroastrian Congress, London.
  • Developed a list of issues, challenges and projects.  A vision was presented.
  • 2nd Roundtable  in Mumbai, on January 8, 2008.  Developed a list of Actionable Items with owners responsible for followup.
  • We are gathered here today to build upon the good work done by many around the world.
  • We are gathered here today to strengthen our bonds through common action.
  • We must focus on social togetherness, harmony and cooperation, with respect for our religious diversity.
This is a “Zarathushti Chaordica” —
Bringing  order out of chaos.
No Organization left behind.
No Zarathushti left behind.

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