Zoroastrian News Agency (ZNA)

Dear Fellow Zarathushti (follower of Zarathushtra, Zartosht or Zoroaster):As the need for the Zoroastrian community to keep in touch with its members globally is rapidly on the rise, we have set forth to establish the Zoroastrian News Agency (ZNA), which will cover unbiased news related to all aspects of our greater community worldwide.
The news may be of local, national and global interest on events and issues affecting the community. This information may include but will not be limited to a wide variety of topics such as births, engagements, weddings, great achievements, Sedreh Pushi/Navjotes, deaths, community events, public service announcements, celebrations, ceremonies/Jashans, media links, etc.
There will not be any personal forums, discussions, arguments, articles, or public feedback on this portal, as there are numerous other appropriate groups, weblogs and venues available on the internet for interactive discussions. ZNA intends only to distribute uneditorialized information to its subscribers.
The news will be archived on a web site for future reference, and the subject line of the news will carry enough information to
classify the news, so readers can choose only matters of interest to them. It will also be possible to filter out topics automatically.
Readers may also change the message delivery option to “Daily Digest”, so at most one email that includes all Z-News for any particular day, if any, will be received. In addition, one can choose to receive the news at a preferred email address if Yahoo is not one’s primary or default account. Instructions for changing these options shall be provided upon request.
If you are interested in receiving the Z-News, please kindly provide us with your full name and geographical location (i.e., city and country).


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