Bush names Jamshed Choksy to Humanities Council

Bush nominated Mumbai-born Jamshed Kersasp Choksy to the Council, which is part of the National Endowment for the Humanities. The nominations of Choksy and other members to the 26-member body await Senate confirmation.His research examines the development of sectarian communities in Central Asia, the Near East and South Asia — where he has traveled extensively — through interdisciplinary approaches involving anthropology, archeology, history, languages, linguistics, literatures, numismatics and religious studies. Professor Choksy is the author of three books: Evil, Good, and Gender: Facets of the Feminine in Zoroastrian Religious History (Peter Lang Publishers, 2002); Conflict and Cooperation: Zoroastrian Subalterns and Muslim Elites in Medieval Iranian Society (Columbia University Press, 1997); and Purity and Pollution in Zoroastrianism: Triumph over Evil (University of Texas Press, 1989).

He is writing a book on the history of Iranian religions for the Harvard University Press and is an associate editor of the Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender (Macmillan, 2007).

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