Multifarious Activities of WZO in India

SCC2 - Yoga classes in progress 002Members of the community are aware that WZO has no funds of its own, and is completely dependant on donors for support in its multifarious welfare activities, all of which are aimed at making beneficiaries independent, living with self respect & dignity, and gradually introducing a positive transformation in the quality of their lives.

The WZO Trust, has over the years been raising funds for many worthwhile causes. From the support received from donors, the welfare programmes of WZO have grown to embrace the whole of India, extending substantial support in diverse areas of human needs. … Courtesy Mr. Dinshaw Tamboly ……..Click here for more

Education – Application Forms 01 Cottage A typical cottage in village

A typical cottage in village

Medical – AAA – Forms for Applicants

SCC – Admission Rules 1 to 5 SCC2

SCC – Admission Rules 6 SCC2

Rooms – single & doubleSCC2 - Rooms - single & double 002

SCC – Admission Rules & Regulations

The WZO Trust Funds

Shanti, 5th Floor,

6, Banaji Street, Fort, Mumbai 400001

022 – 22813718/19

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