Some interesting Parsi Recipes

Parsi Poro(Parsi Omelette)
An unusual way of using eggs. This recipe is from western India.

Parsi Devilled Eggs
Describes the preparation of the dish Parsi Devilled Eggs.

Patrani Machchi
A weightwatchers’ dream, the Patrani Machchi is a Parsi delicacy cooked without any fat. No Parsi banquet is complete without it.

Prawn Vindaloo (Hot Prawns)
Describs the preparation of Prawn Vindaloo (Hot Prawns) Recipe.

Mawani Boi(Parsi Dessert In A Fish Mould)
A dessert in the shape of a fish, from the western region of India. A Parsi recipe of Iranian origin.

Paste/Spread From Parsi Culture (Boman Abadan)
Describes a typical Parsi recipe.

Spinach With Potatoes – Palak Alu (Maharashtra Parsi)
Describes how to prepare the dish Palak Alu.

Prawn Vindaloo (Hot Prawns)
This is a typical Parsi Recipe which contains prawns.

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21 thoughts on “Some interesting Parsi Recipes”

  1. It is indeed great 2 have such a wonderful site i m impressed by it where such a vast culture is only a click away u should advertise it in Jame and Mumbai Samachar so that more people can avail of this. I m teaching Najote prayers to small children n it will be wonderful 4 me 2 tell the parents 2 visit this site.

  2. Came across this website by accident, will now form my main website for info into the Parsi Irani Zoroastrian mindset.

    Minoo M. Patel

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  4. Hey, love the website, love cooking and can’t wait to put up some of my own recipies here. The guys love it when I cook up some of these recipies!!!

  5. Would love to carry your contributions online. Of course, it goes without saying, due credit will be given to you !

  6. PLs can some one send me arecipie for our traditional VASANOO i live in chicago & need to have it due to extreem cold

  7. I love what you made out of your blog. I never said thank you for all this wonderful great ideas you give us all the time.! Thank You!

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