Cama Athornan Institute

A Rejuvenated Cama Athornan Institute Invites Students


It was in 1923 that the eminent philanthropist, the late Seth Mervanjee Muncherjee Cama laid the foundation of the Muncherjee Framji Cama Athornan Institute.  His vision was to sow the seeds of religious knowledge and fervour in the minds and hearts of young priests so that they may become torchbearers to the community.  It is to the credit of this Institute that several learned Dasturs and scholars have passed through its portals and later guided the community.


Today, a small group of dedicated and dynamic persons belonging to the Ex-Students Association led by Vada Dasturji Saheb Dasturji Dr. Peshoton Mirza have offered their services to rejuvenate this Institute.  The Refresher Course, which has been organized by them with great success for the last five years, is a clear testimony of their deep fervour.


At this Institute, each child shall be trained to be a full-fledged Yozdathregar priest, which will qualify him to perform all the liturgical ceremonies.  Moreover, he will also be given secular education from the Government recognized A. H. Wadia High School of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan from Stds. I – SSC, completely free of charge.  This secular education shall lay the foundation for an educated clergy, which shall enable them to provide leadership to the community in the religious domain.  This shall be a stepping-stone to higher education and also qualify him to take advantage of the various amelioration schemes for priests.  Besides this, the Institute shall provide free boarding and lodging, sports training, free books, vocational guidance etc.  This would provide holistic development of the student, which shall broaden his horizon.


Admissions to the Institute will be offered in three categories, which are briefly mentioned below:


Athornan boys from Std. I onwards shall receive complete Mobedi training (Sampurna Navar Martab) along with academic education up to SSC.



An Athornan boy who is a Kacha Navar shall also be trained so that he is qualified to be a full-fledged Yozdathregar priest (Sampurna Navar Martab).  This will make him fully conversant with all Zoroastrian rites and rituals.  In this category, age of the student shall be determined on an individual basis.


Category–III: Helper Priests

Any Behdin could benefit by this course of study, which would enable him to perform prescribed outer liturgical ceremonies in absence of an Athornan priest.  A helper priest would serve the community, especially in locations where there is a scarcity of qualified Athornan priests.


A Working Committee comprising of two Trustees of the Institute, some members of the Ex-Students Association together with a High Priest of the community shall supervise the overall administration.


This is an urgent appeal to all Athornans to encourage their sons to join the M. F. Cama Athornan Institute.  It shall give them an opportunity not only to chart a new life but also to carry forward our precious religious legacy.  The priestly class has been in the vanguard for centuries preserving our culture, tradition and literature.  May your son continue to perform this onerous task for posterity.  For details regarding admission to the Institute, please contact: Ervad Mahiar Panthaki–9821049251 or Ervad Hormazdyar Govadia–9969014126 or Trust Office – 22656348.


Dr. Homi Dhalla


  • Wantaed to know Who is Cama ?, Ghatkopar W, Camalane, Mumbai , India.

  • still i don’t know, on who’s name these lane cama lane? just i wanted to know,In the Ghatkopar i think many parsis stayed thats why many lane like, Navroji lane, karani lane like these, but who’s name cama lane?

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