Announcing the launch of a new music album by Marazban Eruchshaw Wadia O Mazdayasni Bastekustiano

O Mazdayasni Bastekustiano 

Marazban Eruchshaw Wadia who is a popular singer at Parsi public functions in Mumbai has brought out his maiden music album to welcome Jamshedi Navroz. It is a feast for music lovers who were eagerly awaiting his album for several years.

Titled O Mazdayasni Bastekustiano it is a collection of Parsi religious and folk songs set to popular tunes. Most of the songs are composed and sung by him with gusto. It promises 69 minutes of lively entertainment. This audio CD is digitally recorded by Mr. Rumi Baria at his studio at Navsari and can be played on any player.

The title song O Mazdayasni Bastekustiano reminds us of the sacrifices made by our illustrious ancestors when they left Iran to preserve their race and religion and exhorts us to be faithful to India and keep our promises. The 2nd song India taaro upkaar bhoolaay na expresses our gratitude to India and urges us to be loyal to our country. The 3rd song Udvada gaamno mahimaa gavaay is about Udvada, the pilgrim centre of Parsis.  The 4th song Jagat aakhu jene pooje chhe is about the glory of Aatash Padshah which is revered by the entire world. The 5th song Naman karu tane O Parvardegar invokes Ahura Mazda’s blessings.The 6th song Jagmaa badlaai gayaa insaan narrates how men have changed in this world.

Marazban Wadia is the President of Davier Parsi Jarthosti Anjuman. In this 7th song Haalo haalo Davier gaam jaiye he takes us on a visit to Davier village and its agiary. The 8th song O Spitmaan Jarthost hamaaraa is about the greatness of prophet Zarathushtra. The 9th song Hun to saasariye nahin jaau morimaa is a bhajan extolling simplicity. The 10th song I am an educated taatiya is a comic song. The 11th song ‘O my sweety I love you’ is a Parsi folk song rendered by Sherzad. The 12th song Kumaro chheu juvan chheu is another folk song. The 13th song Sar jo taaru chakraave is another light-hearted humorous song. The 14th song Gora gora gaal is about the first and last meeting of two lovers. The 15th song is the Parsi anthem Chhaiye Ame Jarthosti in its entirety.

 This CD is dedicated to the memory of his late mother Homai and late father Eruchshaw Wadia. Their pictures appear on the front cover of the song booklet which has the lyrics transliterated in English for easy reading by those who may not be able to read Gujarati. A picture of Davier agiary adorns the back cover of the song booklet.


Priced at Rs.150/  this CD is available from Marazban E. Wadia Mobile:9819880500 or 9820741400

This music album will be released by Dr. Mehru D. Bengalee, Member of National Minorities Commission at the Festival of Spring this evening 21-03-2008, at Dadar Parsee Colony Gymkhana.   

 -Marzban Giara

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