Mistry Engineers

Mistry Engineers was established in 1975. It is a multifaceted company essentially having considerable experience in representing Companies and Institutions for liaison work with Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Finance, Energy and Power and various agencies and statutory bodies like the Secretariat for Industrial Approvals, Foreign Investment Promotion Board, various Banking and Funding Institutions. This representation includes offering assistance and contacts to locate Prospective Joint Venture Partners in India and overseas by giving consultancy to the promoters for preparing applications and follow u p at all stages till government approval is obtained. In the past two decades we have successfully got approvals for over ten collaborations/joint ventures – Dadi & Nergish Mistry

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  • Neville Bulsara

    I am looking for a JV partner to start a Facilities Management Services (FMS) company in India. I am presently heading an FMS co. in Dubai and plan to re-locate to India.
    Would you be able to assist me in either arranging JV partner or in starrting an FMS co.?

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