The Operating Truths

The Operating Truths

        The Divine Technology of the Mystics is this. The Creation begins with the First vibration Ahoonvar or Ahom or ‘Word’. It then takes various vibrationary forms of Energy from the divine and most subtle to the non-physical and still coarser, the physical, like vapour to water and then to snow. The whole world is a play of vibrations, generated and functioning according to the set laws of “Asha”, the Divine Light, Order, Beauty and Truth. The divine Science of these Vibrations is called “Staota Yasna”. The earth with all its four inhabitants, the humans, the animals, the vegetation and the inert matter, are the varied and various forms grades, levels and stages of vibrations.


     A human is thus an aggregation of various kinds of vibrations. At this moment, with this Parsi Pukar in your hand, everything within you, from head-top to foot-toe, is in a state of fantastic pulsations and vibrations. It is so at every moment. Every thought, every word and every deed generates further vibrations within us and even outside us. When you speak, your tongue and vocal chord and throat and heart and lung all are set to vibrations. Even your non-physical body vibrates. Your speech (or song) then generates vibrations around you and outside you.


     Manthra Prayers are based on this divine Science and technology of Speech-vibrations. The words and sentences of the Manthra Prayers are so composed as to set up within you a certain resultant wave of vibrations, which can bring you in attunement with certain corresponding Yazatic Wave-lengths operating in Nature. And through these Yazatic Channels our communication with Ahura Mazda is firmly established. YOUR PRAYER IS COMPLETE. A very very faint outline of the Yazatic channels in the three worlds of Creation was given in the last issue of this humble Parsi Pukar.


     Thus as you recite say Khorshed-Meher Niyaish, your whole personality assumes vibrationary wavelength, which then catches up or joins with the vibrations of the sun shining in the sky and through the sun, with the higher Yazatic channels of Khorshed Yazata and Meher Yazata. The Yazatas are the divine rays of Ahuramazda Himself and therefore your attunement with them (“Yazamaidey” ) amounts to your attunement with Ahura Mazda.


What about the MEANING?

     The remarkable feature of Manthra, as revealed by the Masters, is that the reciting of the Mantra is primary, knowing its meaning is secondary. Its utterance i.e. the chanting is of utmost importance, since it is intended to generate divine vibrations. It is for this reason that the mystical science of divine vibrations which set the Creation in motion viz. “Staota-Yasna” is the basis of Manthra. Manthra is the transformation of the Nature’s very subtle vibrations into words, which can be uttered by the human tongue. The chanting of Manthra sets the spiritual vibrations in motion within us. They then generate the energy to resist evil. Manthra has thus a specific function to perform.


                                  Extract from  – (Parsi Pukar – APRIL 1996 Vol. 1; No.10)

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