Zoroastrian History and Practices

I know how we try to find good articles that can enrich our knowledge of our religion. It tells us something about mankind, our past history and links to other religions too.

In today’s times sometimes we shirk away from some reading due to controversies entwined.

We wonder what we can pass on to the next generations. This gap may get bridged with the following link to text which was written 82 years ago and is devoid of current confusions.

The link http://www.farvardyn.com/zoroaster.php may please be clicked and a treasure trove in chronological order will unfold. Great reading for one and family too.

I am really glad I found it. When books are not available I feel this collection is very precious. Do read thro’ and you may not stop till the wee hours of morning. May God Bless us all.

Dilnawaz Irani.

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