Parsi Zarthushti, Prof. Vistasp Karbhari Heads Univ.of Alabama’s Academic Affairs



According to a news report in India Journal, May 9, 2008:


“Prof Karbhari to Head Alabama Varsity’s Academic Wing  SAN DIEGO, CA – An Indian-American professor has been chosen to head the Academic Affairs wing of prestigious University of Alabama in Huntsville.  Dr. Vistasp M. Karbhari, from University of California, San Diego, was chosen Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs in the university.


     Dr. Karbhari who has his roots in Pune, was named by Alabama University’s president David Williams, who called his performance “masterful”.  “I am extraordinarily impressed by his energy and his academic prowess,” Williams said.


     Karbhari, a professor of material science and structural engineering at University of Southern California, will join the Alabama University on September one.


    “The University of Alabama in Huntsville has already had a tremendous impact and each of the five colleges has, in a short span of time, risen to a high level of excellence,” the distinguished Indian-American professor said.


    Karbhari earned his doctorate at the University of Delaware in 1991, and his master’s and bachelor degrees at the University of Pune.”



Maneck Bhujwala 






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