WZCC Annual Recognition Awards

In the words of Adi Engineer, our Pune Chapter Chair, “The respect and recognition that a community enjoys is not only determined by its economic prosperity, but by the stature and ethics of its achievers.”

The World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce (WZCC) Annual Recognition Program was developed to recognize achievers who distinguish themselves in their respective fields, whether they are Professionals, Business People or Entrepreneurs.

WZCC recognizes leading stalwarts every year at their AGMs in the city where it is hosted. The 2008 program is open for nominations and the winners will be recognised at the WZCC AGM in Houston, USA in December 2008.

The WZCC website www.wzcc.net carries detailed guidelines on the Recognition Program and we encourage members of our community to use this platform to nominate their peers.  There are no losers in this program, to be nominated is in itself a form of recognition. The criteria for nominations for the year 2008 are available on the website. The last date for nominations is 31 July 2008. Please send in your nominations (the nominees need not be members of WZCC) and encourage your friends and relatives to do likewise before the due date.

This program is conducted and supervised by the Australian Chapter of the WZCC.  As its Chapter Chair, I look forward to receiving your nomination.

Phil Madon

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