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Consultant Homeopath and Bach Flower Therapist, Dr. Zubin P.Marolia has created a useful and informative website


Dr. Marolia is a prolific writer and his articles have been posted on this web-site. He has worked at the Lucas Cancer Clinic in Switzerland and the HELIXOR Cancer Institute in Germany in the field of MISTLETOE Therapy of Cancer. He has been invited to lecture at various institutions in India and abroad to spread the gospel of Homeopathy and Holistic Healing. He has also lectured on Mistletoe Cancer Therapy and Bach Flower Therapy.


Dr. Marolia believes hat homeopathy and holistic healing is the avenue to encompass the totality of man and thus is the complete approach to healing.


Do visit the website for interesting nuggets of medical information and holistic healing.


Noshir Dadrawala.

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