R D Sethna Scholarship Fund

R D Sethna Scholarship, one of the oldest and best known scholarship programme was initiated after the death of Mr R D Sethna, Indian Philanthropist in 1938 assisting outstanding and deserving students of all communities.

Mr R D Sethna was clear in his approach to philanthropy: it had to be directed to specific causes, normally of large magnitude in support of higher education, “For the promotion and encouragement of Scientific, Technical, Industrial and Commercial instruction or education” in ways beneficial to society: Mr R D Sethna envisioned that his plan for granting financial assistance to students would broaden their academic interests and in turn benefit the Nation.

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  • pushpa n. mhapsekar

    I am very grateful to R.D.Sethna Scholarship Trust for Granting fund to my Daughter Ms. Pooja N. Mhapsekar.

    thanks for your help on time.
    pushpa mhapsekar

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