A free rendering in English excerpts from an Article by Dasturji Khurshedji Daboo From His book ‘ÁTHRAVAN NO DINI PRAKASH’, printed in “Chhaie Ame Jarthosti” a Quarterly by ZWAS (Surat).


In Sarosh Baaj, we Pray  the Following, which has deep meaning & guidance to the oft totted “FREE WILL”. :


“Fra – Varane1,  Mazda – Yasno2,  Zarthush – Trish3,  Vi – Daevo4,  Ahura – Tak- Aesho5“..


“Having Free Will, after deep thought & understanding (I Declare) 1,  (That) I am a Reverer of Mazda 2,  A Follower of Zarathushtra 3, A Fighter of evil (Daevas) 4, A treader of the Good path as per Ahura’s  Rule 5…”


      Man Thinking with their right intellect & with sensibility, thinks with proper thoughts & then with Faith & Trust , accepts that Path & follows it. In that sense the word VARENComing in FRA-VARANE ,which means Accepting With Faith. Aso Zarathushtra has emphasized Just this in giving religious discourse in Gatha 30.2 ,he states, “I am telling you the biggest truth, which listen & then with Illuminated mind, weigh it, Meditate on it. I show you Two Paths, everyone is free to Choose Any One Path.” Almost the same advice is given in Yasna. Ha. 12.

He states, “Vase  Yaitim, Vase Ksheitim, Yaaish Upairi, Aay Jemaa Gaobish Shaeite.”  Meaning, “On this land so that all creatures can live with ease,it is Mandatory that Man willingly choose the Right Path.”

     Every person has been given this liberty for development of his soul, so that he does not hesitate in his mind . Of Course,it is understood that one should   be loyal to the Faith in which he is Born. If he deviates from that he will have to toe the line, even after tripping over the wrong road or swallowing a bitter Pill. .According to the Law of ‘Akem – Akaai’ one has to bear the fruits of his Wrong Choice. (It’s ‘You are Responsible for your Choice’ ~ ‘As You Sow, So Shall You Reap’) It would be terrible to follow other Religion, Beliefs Imported from Foreign Faiths. It is better to Deeply Meditate& make the Right Choice. If not, he would be tottering & faltering in his beliefs & lose faith in his Guru.


To Tinker with Religion; without Understanding the Deep Mystery of Religion, is Devastating for Man!



This article has been contributed by Burjor M. Daboo.

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