by K. Navroz Dastoor



Parsi Religion manifestly mystical – A holistic package of spiritual disciplines – Western misnomer of fragmentation – Baffling uncertainties of Western Gathic translations – IIm-e-Khshnoom, the mystical deciphering of the Gatha – Dr. Faramroze Chiniwalla’s Khshnoomic translation ­Philology and grammar not adequate without ‘tavil – Max Muller’s bew­ilderment on Eastern Scriptures: so noble and so nonsensical. !


Parsi Zarthoshti Religion is a Living Religion, since thousands of years. It has its own amazing history. It had its own mighty empires and dynasties. The way of life taught by the Zarthoshti Din was stringently followed by the mighty Parsi Kings, many of whom had attained a high spiritual and divine stature. Their anxiety was not merely to look to the worldly welfare of their subjects; they had established royal organisations to ensure that every subject in their kingdoms had ample facilities, amenities and opportunities to live by the tenets and prescriptions of the Din, and lead a life marching on the Path of Ahura Mazda. These prescriptions were not just moral and ethical; they also consisted of certain spiritual exertions, like Sudreh-Kushti, Manthra-Prayers, adoration and worship of the holy Fires, Yasna (‘Kriya-Kam’ as we call it), and several other components.



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