R D Sethna Scholarship Fund

R D Sethna Scholarship, one of the oldest and best known scholarship programme was initiated after the death of Mr R D Sethna, Indian Philanthropist in 1938 assisting outstanding and deserving students of all communities.

Mr R D Sethna was clear in his approach to philanthropy: it had to be directed to specific causes, normally of large magnitude in support of higher education, “For the promotion and encouragement of Scientific, Technical, Industrial and Commercial instruction or education” in ways beneficial to society: Mr R D Sethna envisioned that his plan for granting financial assistance to students would broaden their academic interests and in turn benefit the Nation.


Globe Hotel – Udwada

Established in 1924, with just 4 rooms, Globe Hotel has now 15 A/C and 10 Non-A/C rooms with all modern facilities like 24 hours hot/cold running water, no power cuts, homely atmosphere, and much more. Udwada’s oldest and only reputed hotel has courtesy as a tradition and tasty food is a guarantee.

Globe’s clientele include the who’s who of the community and some of their clients come from across the world and span over 3 generations. This is not strange, since the owners also span 3 generations – Kekobad Hormusji Sidhwa who was originally a caretaker, bought over the property in the early 1920s and there has been no looking back ever since.

Located next to the Pak Iransha, in a typical village type setting, Globe is the ideal choice for devotees from far and near. Clients come from all over India, US, UK, Dubai, Australia and Canada.

Peshotan and Zenobia
Peshotan and Zenobia

The hotel is managed by Peshotan & Zenobia and Percy & Zubina Sidhwa. They can be easily contacted on +91-260-2345 243, +91-260- 2345 474


Holiday Program for Youth (HPY)

When Dr. Mehroo Bengalee, Ex-Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University, and former Trustee of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet, came up with the concept
of H.P.Y., the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) came up with the backing. And about 60 kids came up with the participation.. And stayed on, through 2 weeks of half-days filled with career talks and a few sports.

A modest start, but a start, nonetheless.

Within the next year, the duration had extended to 3 weeks and the numbers upto 80. But it was truly in 1989 that things got rolling. The programme reached its present status of 4 weeks. And the numbers had swelled to 120. With the heartening aspect being the larger number of outstation participants.

1989 was also for H.P.Y. a momentous year. It was then that Diana Marfatia (“Dee”) took over as the Co-ordinator of the programme from Dr. Khetayun Madon, who had efficiently nursed it in its baby years. And as we entered the ’90’s, a whole new look was taken on……. More