Zoroastrian Faith, Freedom of Choice

Courtesy: “Dr. Mehrborzin Soroushian” Dr. Mehrborzin Soroushian   znamoderator

Wed Jul 30, 2008 8:47 pm (PDT)

No other religious tradition emphasizes the central importance of
freedom of choice, and the need for each human being to assume
responsibility for his or her choices, more than the religious doctrine
of Zarathushtra.




Tehran, Janbakhtegan Games, Photo Competition

Courtesy: “O’Shihan Cultural Organization” O’Shihan Cultural Organization   znamoderator

Wed Jul 30, 2008 11:34 pm (PDT)

Send your digital photo(s) of Janbakhtegan Games happening in Tehran these days and win C$100.

1- Anybody can take part in this competition

2- The photo can be of any size

3- The photo can be in black/white or colour

4- A person can send more than one photo

5- All received photos would be published on O’Shihan Cultural
Organization’s web site.

6- With your photos, please provide your name and Telephone no. in Iran
to be contacted.

7- Just email your photos to oshihan@oshihan.org
<mailto:oshihan@oshihan.org> and in subject line of the email put

O’Shihan Cultural Organization

Tehran, ‘Janbakhtegan’ Games, Photos

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Wed Jul 30, 2008 8:42 pm (PDT)

The Zoroastrian Student Center (ZSC) released the number of Participants of
the 28th round of Janbakhtegan Cup (Jaam-e Jaanbaakhtegaan)

With the ending of registration for the 28th Round of Janbakhtegan Cup
(Iran-Iraq War’s Zoroastrian Martyrs) , the ZSC has announced the numbers of participants to be about 600.

Each year Jam-e Janbakhtegan is organized by ZSC. This
year almost 600 participants have registered in different fields like;
Footabll, Basketball and Volleyball, Solo Sports (swimming, ping
pong, badminton, cycling, chest, and dart) and decathlon sports.
According to ZSC, there are 5 teams of Adolescents, 4 teams
of children and 4 teams of Adults.

In the volleyball matches, there are three (male) adult teams and 7
female teams and for basketball, there will be 6 adult teams.

In Ping Pong(table tennis) groups, there are 7 females, 19 male adults, 26 male
adolescents and in Chest game there are 31 adolescents and 7 adults.

The numbers of participants in Badminton for this year is the same
as last year. There are 12 male adults, 5 female adults, 24 male
adolescents and 9 female children.

Swimming teams cosists of :

9 childrens, 7 adolescents, 6 adults in Free Style team.

In cycling:

7 male, 12 female cyclists (speed cycling) and 3 male cyclist for
stamina cycling.

For Running, there are 15 Participants for the Stamina running.

Janbakhtegan Games is one of the most important events of the year for Zoroastrian community in Iran. It is organized each year on the first 15 days of Amordad organized each year at Markar Sport and Culture Center situated in Tehranpars.

This year Janbakhtegan Games started on 28th July and shall conclude on 1st August 2008.

Our dear fellow Zarathushtis who lost their lives defending our motherland during Iran-Iraq war are;
Rotsam Azarbad, Mehrdad Fararooni, Kaykhosrov Kaykhosravi, Esfandiar Darabian, Feraydoon Nejad Kay, Parviz Abadi, Jamshid Goshtasbi, Ardeshir Moradian, Jahanbakhsh Namiranian, Behrooz Bastani, Farhad Khadem, Kamran Ganji, Dayhim Shahriari, Daryoush Abadian, Mehrdad Abadian and Daryoush Shahzadi

Source: Amordad Blog

See the photos of opening ceremony:



Zoroastrian lawbook, the Videvdad


This is a copy of the Zoroastrian Videvdad, or Vendidad as it is also known, a lawbook containing the rules for dealing with pollution and crime. It is one of the oldest existing Zoroastrian manuscripts, copied in 1323 AD in Nawsari, Gujarat, by the scribe Mihraban Kaykhusraw. In this manuscript, each sentence is given first in the original Avestan (Old Iranian) language, and then in Pahlavi (Middle Persian) , the language of Sasanian Iran (c. 224-651 AD).

Interview with Marguerite del Guidice by Shabnam Rezaei

Writer for National Geographic Story on Iran

If you are concerned with all things Iran, you have probably already received a few emails from your friends, telling you about the amazing cover story on Iran by National Geographic this month.

Click on the above to read the full interview conducted by Shabnam Rezaei Senior Contributor for PersianMirror.

Courtesy : K.F.Keravala

Intercultural aspects of doing business with Parsis in Bombay

Survey for thesis about the intercultural aspects of doing business with Parsis in Bombay

Dear member of the Parsi community,

I’m a student from the University of Antwerp in Belgium (Europe) and I am conducting a research on the Parsi community. This research is about “The intercultural aspects of doing business with the Parsis in Bombay”.

As you can see I have chosen to write about the Parsi community in Bombay. It was a real privilege for me to write my thesis about your community. It has been really fascinating and interesting.
I have also visited India last year from 5 September 2007 till 8 October 2007, in which period I have met and interviewed 15 Parsis in Delhi and Bombay, and bought several books.
I am now in the last phase of my thesis, which is to take a survey from 200 Parsis. I hope you can spare a little time for me in order to complete this survey (press the link or copy paste it to your internet browser):
It only takes about 10 minutes to complete it. This survey will be used for research purposes only and no personal information will be stored. Also do not forget to press the ‘send’ button when you have completed the questions!
It is now very important for me and my thesis that I can reach 200 Parsis who will fill in my survey. So when you have completed the 44 questions, please send this email to your friends and colleagues, who are also member of the Zoroastrian Parsi community. When my research is complete I will let you know where the results can be viewed.
I would be most grateful.
Kindest regards,

Filip Coenen
Master Applied Economics (University of Antwerp)

Oldest Living Iranian


Jul 24, 2008
Antalok – Persian Journal



On the Silk Road from Yazd to Shiraz, in the desert city of Abarkuh, stands the oldest living being in Iran (perhaps in the whole world). It is at least five thousand years old, and some say eight thousand. Ancient and mysterious even to botanists (who cannot decide on its true age), the Cypress Tree of Abarkuh is surrounded by legends and revered by countless visitors ……Click to continue reading….


Courtesy : K.F.Keravala

Why Out-Marriages are not Favoured


Burjor M. Deboo has contributed an article regarding “Why out-marriages are not favoured as per our Religion”.     


He has given answers to particular queries raised and has tried to let our scriptures do the talking by quoting from our religious texts, with some of his personal inputs.


To read the article, click on the below link: