Palia Brothers

Welcome to the flourishing world of Palia Brothers. Palia Brothers is a partnership firm that has beenBlack Pepper, Dehydrated Green Pepper, Green Pepper in Brine and White Pepper. For those, who are seeking best deals for wholesale dehydrated green pepper, Palia Brothers serves a foremost choice. We are also one of the leading manufacturers of Green Pepper in Brine. Palia Brothers was founded in the year 2002.

The Palia Brothers are originally Coffee and pepper planters. Their original plan was to try and market their products in North India . During the survey that he conducted, Mr. Y. R. Palia found to his amazement that so many manufacturers of blended spices did not know about the Quality standards of the spices that they have been using since years and were at the mercy of the traders up country. The manufacturers were very happy when someone spoke to them about the Quality standards of these spices and how they could be taken for a ride if they do not insist on these standard products…. More…. Click Here

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