Intercultural aspects of doing business with Parsis in Bombay

Survey for thesis about the intercultural aspects of doing business with Parsis in Bombay

Dear member of the Parsi community,

I’m a student from the University of Antwerp in Belgium (Europe) and I am conducting a research on the Parsi community. This research is about “The intercultural aspects of doing business with the Parsis in Bombay”.

As you can see I have chosen to write about the Parsi community in Bombay. It was a real privilege for me to write my thesis about your community. It has been really fascinating and interesting.
I have also visited India last year from 5 September 2007 till 8 October 2007, in which period I have met and interviewed 15 Parsis in Delhi and Bombay, and bought several books.
I am now in the last phase of my thesis, which is to take a survey from 200 Parsis. I hope you can spare a little time for me in order to complete this survey (press the link or copy paste it to your internet browser):
It only takes about 10 minutes to complete it. This survey will be used for research purposes only and no personal information will be stored. Also do not forget to press the ‘send’ button when you have completed the questions!
It is now very important for me and my thesis that I can reach 200 Parsis who will fill in my survey. So when you have completed the 44 questions, please send this email to your friends and colleagues, who are also member of the Zoroastrian Parsi community. When my research is complete I will let you know where the results can be viewed.
I would be most grateful.
Kindest regards,

Filip Coenen
Master Applied Economics (University of Antwerp)

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  • Must encourage graduates to take up IAS IFS, IPS jobs in India
    come back to India after education abroad
    stop inter caste marriage in Baugs
    Muslims have taken our persian names and worse properties near our ancestral fire temples these are threats awareness is a must
    study majusis who enriched other religions
    Interact with parsis for captive business
    open a skill development college/school for parsis here in India with professional curriculum for being industry ready

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