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Is the BEST Person for FREE VALUATION & Sale of your old pre 1947 gold, silver & copper Goins. Never forget British India BANKNOTES with or without portrait of the King/Queen. Coins & Notes of PORTUGUESE INDIA (Goa) are very collectable. Coins with heads on both sides (Laakhis) & notes printed on one side only are more valuable than ordinary coins & notes.

Bundles & Booklets of notes are a rarity.

AT 44, Batliwalla Villa, Sleater Road, Grant Road Station (West), near 155 Bus stop, Mumbai- 400007.

between 10.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on all days except Sunday

Tel.: 9821007865 / 23865940 / 23890931.

Evenings: by appointment only.

Remember ROINTON is the right man to guide you with an experience of over 30 years in this field exclusively.


  • kevin pinto rebelo

    hi i am kevin from goa . am interested in anything portuguese. coins, notes, stamps, photos, emblems, medals, furniture and porcelain. if you have anything of interest or know anyone who has the above mentioned items for sale or exchange then pl contact me. thanks kevin

    • Prashant K Kudaskar

      Mr. Pinto,

      My native place is Goa. I am also interested in Goa Portuguese coins.

      If you can help in this,please let me know.

  • Would you be able to indicate whether a copper coin circa 1806 is of any value or not? Appears to belong to the erstwhile East India Company.

  • I want old notes of Rs. 5 ( 5 Deers/ 10 / 100) signed by C.D.Deshmukh….My contact details are 9923191717

  • hi,
    sandeep i have 100rs signed by cd desmukh with eagle and rudraksh mala on back side tell me the price my cont. no. is 09416117658 and my mail nk.narnaul@gmail.com

  • may i have your email address please so that, at least i can send you pictures of my coins and notes.before troubling you!

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