Zoroastrian Association of Bahrain

The Zoroastrian Association of Bahrain was incorporated in the year 1956 as a non-profit organization. We, have numerous volunteers at BZA striving to provide you with many functions, social & literally events, plays and games which collectively allow us to make better use of our collaboration and its infrastructure. We are excited and eager to do more. At the same time, we are very sensitive to the fact that we as Zarathushtis need to work towards the preservation of our centuries old rich history & traditions that are being covered through our Youth of today, functions and social events.

We are extremely proud of being Zoroastrians and have great humility in being the members of our Bahrain Zoroastrian Association. Which consist of Irani Zarathushtis & Parsees from various parts of India and abroad.

Our association continues to grow at a rapid rate. Besides a thriving and active cosmopolitan Community, what Bahrain has to offer is a wonderful warm climate, its superb history along with some of the best and fantastic Real Estate bargains and numerous other Business opportunities.

For more information please visit their website at http://bahrainzoroastrianassociation.com


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