Remembering Dastoorji Kookadaroo

Sunday, 7 September, 2008 8:44 PM


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Baname Khuda!


Dear Zarathushti humdins,


Today on Behram roj of Farvardin mah is the baj of Dasturji Kookadaroo.


We observe this day by a lovely song composed in his memory.


This song “Ek Sant thai gaya mahan jenoo Kookadaroo naam” describes the pious nature of Dasturji Kookadaroo. It is said about his holiness and “Amal” (power) acquired from Paav Mahel ceremonies that when the Anjuman Atashbehram in Bombay was going to be newly established the managers began to experience paucity of funds. They could not collect the necessary amount and were disheartened. On coming to know of this Dasturji Kookadaru prayed in the fire temple the whole night, performed various religious ceremonies and through his power and expertise in Alchemy, he produced the requisite quantity of gold which on being given the next day to the managers could fetch the exact amount of shortfall necessary in the funds. Thus like former Dastoors such as Ardaviraf, Tansar, Adarbad Marespand, Nairyosang Dhaval and Meherji Rana, Dastoorji Kookadaru was an equally holy Dastoor possessing Amal. (power of achievement) .


For more information about this Zarathushti saint, you may refer 


The song is split into 4 parts, hence the 4 MP3 attachments enclosed. The song is from the album produced by Maneckjee Cooper Education Trust and available at their office (possibly) and from Mr. Giara (

Feedback on the audio quality is welcome. 


With best wishes,

from the TZML Education & Information Committee



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  • I can`t thank enough Shri Paak Ruhshaad Dastoorji Kookadaru Saheb, for being there for me and my family each time in our hour of despair. May he always shower his blessings and benevolence upon each and every one of us Zarathostis as he has always in the past… I bow down humbly before him in reverence as always. USHTA-TE

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