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Dear all,

Mallika Sarabhai and her troupe presents a dance performance celebrating our historic journey and a new beginning titled “And Then They Came To India” – check out the attachment. They have made several performances in the South and have been a hit so far. They will be performing in many other cities all over India – check out their itinerary in the attachment. .

This is really wonderful. Please pass this on to all your friends. Those interested can go for the performance which is free and seating is available ON FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS. They will be performing in Mumbai at the Nehru centre on 19th Sept at 6.30 p.m. (approx a one hour show). No advance booking for this show and you are advised to come as early as possible to take your seats.

Of the many groups who have migrated to India, one group stands out for their industriousness and maintenance of their ethnic difference – i.e. the Parsis. From before the birth of Zarathushtra, this dance theatre piece traces the early Persians, their myths, the birth of Zoroastrianism, and coming of the Parsis to India.

For further details you can call Anil on 09886004456.

This show has been sponsored by Villoo Morawala Patell of Avesthagen.

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Love and Happiness always.

Courtesy : Rusi J Mistry


  • Hi, I tired to get in touch with Anil to know about the show in Pune. I request for 2 tkts for the Malika Sarabhai show in Zorastrain being announced in Radio Mirchi in Pune. kindly let me know the data & venue.
    thanks & regards

  • The Pune show is on 21 September 2008 at St. Mira School. Please click on the above post to see the details of all venues

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