World Zoroastrian News Network (WZNN)

WZNN – World Zoroastrian News Network

WZNN is the “World Zoroastrian News Network” for all Zoroastrians around the world and doesn’t belong to any specific group, organization, country or geographic area.

The purpose of WZNN is to report unbiased Zoroastrian news from all over the world and provide a platform where people can read the news, post the news, post their comments, and discuss the news and events.

Due to the massive ongoing migration of Zoroastrians to all corners of the world, an interactive Zoroastrian news network was much needed. Our mission is to report Zoroastrian news and provide a platform to enable Zoroastrians to stay connected and aware of each other. To accomplish this, WZNN has reporters all over the world who attend the Zoroastrian events and write reports for WZNN. We are looking forward to expand our worldwide network.

If you know English or Persian and are interested to help us write, edit or translate the news, send us an email to

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