Arzan Khambatta – Scraptures

Nuts, Bolts, Stray machine parts, steel sheets, an intoxication of rusty, jagged, material .. …….. an intoxication of rusty jagged metal, half moons evolve from gears, the sun from clutch plates…. from the realms of romance and myth – SCRAPTURES – Sculptures from Scrap ! Arzan stopped using scrap for his sculptures since 1996, but the name carries on.

Arzan Khambatta, a qualified Architect from Mumbai, is happiest in the workshop. His first solo exhibition was in Jehangir Art Gallery in 1993, followed by other exhibitions in 1996 and 1999. His first public sculpture is “The Mughal” outside the Jewel of India Restaurant in Worli, Mumbai, in 1985

Click here for more details and a preview of his wonderful work.

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