Jehangir Gai – Consumer Activist

Jehangir Gai is a Mumbai based freelance columnist writing for various newspapers and magazines on consumer cases and consumer related issues. His columns have appeared in Lawyers Collective, Indian Express, Express Estates, Financial Express and Eanadu Times. Currently, his column appears in Times of India. His question-answer column has guided consumers and helped many of them in redressing their grievances.

He also spreads consumer awareness by giving talks. He has addressed several Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Jaycees, the Forum of Free Enterprise, Indian Medical Association (Mumbai Branch), Association of Medical Consultants, etc. and has participated in panel discussions and spoken at seminars and workshops related to consumer protection. He has also given guest lectures to school and college students.

He has been actively associated with various consumer organizations since 1984-85, even prior to the enactment of the Consumer Protection Act. Currently, he is the Joint Secretary of Consumers Welfare Association……


  • I recall my association with you when you were handling their matters. Now, I have a small question? are co-op housing societies covered under CPA for lack of service, redressal o genuine complaints, etc. Please give this info to me on complimentary basis.

    • Any problems in respect of services rendered such a maintenance, transfer of shares, etc. (which services are rendered for consideration) can be filed under CPA. However, disputes regarding administration in respect of which there is no hiring of service for consideration cannot be filed under CPA. Trust this answers your query. Should you require any further clarification, kindly e-mail me on

  • hi i have few complain against the bank in bombay how can i contact this Mr. Jehangir Gai since i want to file the complain against bank. pls sent me his contact details.

    • Contact details are:
      tel. no. 22082121 (6.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. in the evenings from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays)

      • Sir I tried to email on it bounced back. I have Complained on National Consumer Helpline – How many days I will have to wait for the response Docket No. 456408186415 dated 9th Feb 2015.

        Dear Sir,

        I had purchased a New IFB Dishwasher on 27the Jul 2011. My IFB Dishwasher Drainage Pipe was leaking from the backside due to which I complained to IFB Service Centre on the compliant no. 180030020199 (Solution Services, Plot no. 9, Motiram Wadi, Orlem Church, Marve Road, Malad (west)). Mr. Anil visited our home and opened the machine and told that the outlet pipe is damaged and leaking and he will get the new pipe which will cost us Rs. 4,275/-. Mr. Anil (8652814221) came with the pipe on 6th Jan 2015 and replaced the pipe and gave a bill for Rs. 4,275/- Compliant No 224519 dated 8th Jan 2015 invoice no. 1672 was given for the same. The machine didn’t work and he again he came back and said the PCB is gone and need to replace which will cost Rs. 8,000/-. They took the Machine on 12th Jan 2015 and delivered on 13th Jan 2015 with a bill for Rs. 8,800/- (including Transport) Compliant No 245190 dated 13th Jan 2015 invoice no 1090. We checked the machine and immediately called them saying it was not working and they said they will again take the machine and get it checked and repaired again. They took it on 17th Jan 2015 and said the plate is gone so they have replaced the same and will cost Rs. 1,875/-. They delivered the machine on 22nd Jan 2015 but again it’s not working and I have been calling since then talking to Mr. Vishwanath, Mr. Anil the technician who screwed our machine and Mr. Ajay. I complained on IFB WEBSITE but then found that there was another Service Center and they sent their person and they told that Solution Services where not the Authorised Dealer. I called up Solution Services and asked them on Speaker in front of the IFB guys and they again confirmed that they are authorised dealer of IFB.

        I have spoken and written an email to the Solution Services who are fooling the customers. The Company Solution Services unnecessarily to make more money made us change the Outlet pipe and PCB and also replaced some plate and charged three times more than the market rate saying they are IFB’s authorized Service Centre whereas they are not. They first fooled us saying they are Authorized IFB Service Centre then they forced us to change the Dishwasher Parts and charged three times price than the company’s original rates and fitted all local product. I need your help to stop them to fool the other customer by just giving wrong identity and charging huge money and fooling the customer.

        Please let me know how to recover my money Rs. 13,075/- and the stress I have gone through for more than a month and we had to wash the dish manually. They are saying that they will check with their Boss and see what they can refund but we are not able to use the machine.

        I would say one of the worst service and fooling people especially Mr. Vishwanath who time and again told lies that Solution Services are the authorized Service Centre of IFB. They have screwed our Machine which was working very well and one pipe leakage led me to spending around Rs. 13,075/- and still chasing them for getting the machine in working condition. Please look in to the same.

        Pradeep G Nair

  • unethical loading on mediclaim policies– request opinion
    unable to email you

    • In my opinion loading is not permissible in view when the original terms of the contract do not provide for such loading, and all that is permissible is a reduction in the no claim bonus. My contention has been upheld by the Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum for South Mumbai.

      I can be contacted on

  • Hi,
    I tried reaching you through email but it failed.
    My salaries are not paid even after 3 years of retirement from a Govt. Undertaking Organization.

  • Respected sir,
    i contacted a company to do my 2 offices and residence cctv
    work with dvr,and i paid upfront by cheque Rs 86,000/-
    the company did work for 50,000/- and vanished. i want to get back the balance of rs 36,000/- which they promised, i got Rs 10,000/- and now are refusing to pay, what action can i take on these people.

  • Hi,
    2007 Feb/Mar i decided to purchase a villa @ “Vishal Estate” at “Bhopal” from a builder “Maxworth Builders”. 15% paid, remaning not paid for want of registration which was required for loan disbursal (they promised verbally they would register post 15%).
    Mar-2009 they sent a letter regretting inconvenience etc and stating everything would be sorted out.

    However, no further progress yet…project is limbo and my money is stuck with them.

    Is this case eligible for redressal under Consumer Protection Act? How should i proceed for rdressal?
    Reason i never approached, inspite of th deep-frustration, is the lack of faith in the judicial system; do you think the consumer protection act cn provide rdressal?


  • Dear Jahangir,
    Thanks for your articles in Times of India on consumer judgements. I wish to contact you and forward a recent judgement on Medical Negligence & malpractice. Kindly let me know your contact no. address, to facilitate forwarding copy of the judgement and facilitate our meeting. thanks Rajiv Thakur Advocate

  • augustine pereira

    respected sir,i purchased the flat from aggarwal builder at mira road in a new building.i have a leakage in my cealing due to the bad floor tile work done by the builder,many a times i complain to the builder but of no use..we have 7 floors and in every room there is ceiling leaks and leakages in mostly all the rooms.its a new building but now the building is 4 years old,the builder took 5000 from each and not handidover the swimming pool also. kindly let me know how to go through the legal work .we are ready to pay the advocating fees.please help.bldg. registered in contact 9702167526.

  • Sir,
    Withdrawal from bank by unknown persons 4 times in 9 days. Each time the amount is above Rs. 50000/- bank has not informed us. We have filed case in consumer court against bank. I have mailed you the details of the case on your e-mail. Please Reply.

  • Mr Gai

    We have an issue to discuss with you, I have send a mail detailed to you, but I have not get any reply from you. I have also tried to call you by the given number.

    As we want to discuss it personally so can you help us by your address or any other means of communication.

    With Best Regards

    Mr. Mahendra Shah
    Nepensea road, Mumbai

  • sameer pandurang tandel

    mr gai
    good morning,
    sir, i would like to discuss with u regarding a problem i am facing rom finance company shriram transport finance ltd.
    sir, i had avail a loan of rs.7.00 lakhs for purchase of commercial vehicle in the year 2007 i was a regular payee but due to some problem my instalment were not in time after paying the amt upto day they still say that i have to pay them rs.8.00 lakhs.
    now i was out of station and they have forcefully taken away the vehicle after giving me a letter sign by the police station and taken the vehicle without giving me noc etc.
    now i am also having other 2 vehicle through their finance and they are forcing me to give all the vehicle to them and threting me.
    i want your help, pl advise me at an earliest
    thanking you,
    yours truly
    sameer pandurang tandel

    • As I will be out of town for a few days, I request you to kindly contact me on or after 23rd March 2011. You can phone me on (022) 2208-2121 on any working day from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.

  • Dear Mr Gai,

    I first heard about you from a friend, then read more about your work, on the web. Although I wonder if something like this falls within your purview, I urgently need your advice.

    Sir, I live and work in Mumbai. And between March 2007 and November 2008, I was employed with Dentsu Marcom Pvt Ltd, an advertising agency in Mumbai.

    Dentsu however, has it’s head office in Delhi, and so the matter of my EPF was being handled out of the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner’s Office in Delhi.

    On April 29, 2009, my (by now ex) employers Dentsu Marcom Pvt Ltd, applied to the Regional Provident Fund Commissioner in Delhi for a full remitance of my EPF dues :
    PF A/c No DL/32004/126.

    The RPFC acknowledged this application, and I have a copy of their stamped acknowledgement, with me.

    But for a full year, there was no revertal from the RPFC.
    So I sent them another request dated September 16, 2010. This was followed by one more letter from me on October 21, 2010. Plus a third reminder, on December 10, 2010.

    Mr Gai, I had sent these letters to Delhi by Registered AD and also by courrier. I am certain that all the letters have reached the PF Commissioner’s office. But I have received no acknowledgements of receipt from them.

    The letters include 1) my Bank Account Details in Mumbai, plus a signed attestation from my Bank Of India Manager stating that I have an account with the Bank. The letters also include 2) my Voter ID and PAN Card. The letters include 3) the application form sent by Dentsu Marcom to the RPFC, and their acknowledgement of the same.

    But there has been absloutely no response to any of my entreaties, from the PF Commissioner’s office.

    Meanwhile, my ex-employers Dentsu Marcom (both in Mumbai and in Delhi) have washed their hands clean off this matter, saying that it is now my business to follow up with the PF Office – they don’t even entertain phonecalls or correspondence from me.

    On 15-1-2011, I made an appeal to the RTI through my CA, P. A. Dhanboora & Co, Mumbai.

    The RTI promptly rejected the application because in their words, “the requisite fee in the form of IPO/Pay Order/Draft is wrong, and the applicant has instead paid court fees of Rs 100.”

    I corrected this mistake and made a fresh application to the RTI with the correct sum. But this was again rejected by the RTI, “because this time, a fee of Rs 10 has not been enclosed.”

    Once more, a new, modified application was sent by me and PA Dhanboora, to the RTI. But once more it was rejected, because in their words, “the court fee of Rs 10 was enclosed, instead of cash, DD/banker’s cheque or IPO.” Now, my CA has given up.

    Yes, Mr Gai, the whole thing is a big mess. And with even a reputed body like the RTI playing games, I’m convinced that the whole business of EPF settlements is a wider racket than one would think.

    But I’d love to have your advice on this. Is there is a surer, less complex way out? Is there any way at all, of claiming my dues without having to shell out huge sums of money ? Problem is, I don’t have connections in high places, and as things stand, I’m in no position to fly down to Delhi myself.

    With many hopes,

    Percy Feroze Gilder

    • Please send for RTI Application, along with a Pay Order of Rs.10/- to the following office, depending on whether it is under RO North or RO South:

      EPF Office:

      RO Delhi [North]

      RPFC II, Regional Office,
      Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan,
      28, Wazirpur Industrial Area,
      Delhi – 110 052.

      First Appellate Authority:
      Shri A.K. Gupta,
      RPFC I,
      Regional Office,
      Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan,
      28, Wazirpur Industrial Area,
      Delhi – 110 052.
      Tel.: (011) 2737 6772
      Tel.: (011) 2737 6777

      RO Delhi [South]

      RPFC II
      6th – 9th floor,
      Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan,
      28, Wazirpur Industrial Area,
      Delhi – 110 052.
      Tel.: (011) 2737 6773
      Fax: (011) 2737 7153

      First Appellate Authority:
      Shri Gautam Dixit, RPFC I
      6th – 9th floor,
      Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan,
      28, Wazirpur Industrial Area,
      Delhi – 110 052.
      Tel.: (011) 2737 7154
      Fax: (011) 2737 7153

  • Dear Sir
    This is with regards ignorance of our complains towards leakages in our flat because of rain water. Secretary and Committee members give false promises to repair terrace. Bldg is 30 yrs old and was repaired and painted once but the terrace was not repaired.
    My mom is a member of a cooperative housing society. We are tired of complaining for 3-4 yrs. Need some advice to wake these people. We are regular in our maintenance then why are we ignored and disrespected this way.

  • Under the Bye-laws for co-operative housing societies, all leakages have to be repaired by the Society at its own cost. Since you are paying your maintenance charges regularly, it is the duty of the Society to ensure that necessary services are provided to you. Failure to repair the leakages and repair the terrace would be a deficiency in service, for which you can file a consumer complaint if you so desire. You would get a direction to the Society to carry out repairs, plus get compensation for the harassment caused by the leakage.

    • Thanks for your advice. I have the following queries.
      1. How can I acquire rights to attend and speak in the AGM meeting of CHS. I have heard about becoming a associate member can give me that right. however I do not know the procedure.
      2. How do I file a consumer complaint. Do I need a lawyer.
      3. Is it time consuming and how long it takes to get resolved.

  • Dear Jehangir


    My name is Sunil Patel. I live in Borivali West

    Read your article in TOI Mumbai today. Pretty much en lighting for me but as well as worrying. Do keep writing on this and if you have any detailed information do let me know.

    Also would like to know whether you can help me in issues related to redevelopment of old buildings and laws.

    I have tried emailing you the details but your mail keep on bouncing back

  • Dear Mr. Jehangir,

    I got your contact from some newspaper articles and am reaching out to you for some advice and help.

    Possession for my flat on the 3rd floor is delayed by more than a year now as compared to the possession date in the agreement. Construction is stuck @ floor 11 because the builder is awaiting permission from govt. agencies for floors 12 and 13. Are we as consumers helpless in this situation or can some action be taken to put pressure on the builder?

    Additionally, builder has sent a letter demanding VAT for sale of under-construction building at 1% of agreement value. I thought builders were to pay this not buyers? Should I pay?

    Will be grateful for your advice.

  • Dear Vijay,

    If the builder delays possession, you are entitled to claim interest from him for the period of delay. Interest would be anything between 8% to 15%, depending on what the court considers reasonable.

    Once the agreement is executed, it is illegal for a builder to alter the layout plans. Hence seeking permission of putting up additional 12th and 13th floors is illegal, and you can get a stay on the builder putting up further floors.

    VAT at 1% is reasonable, and you are liable to pay this amount to the builder.

    If you require any clarification, do write back.

  • Dear Sir
    Greetings of the day !!!
    I need your help in following matter.

    My Brother in law have purchased brand new karbonn mobile with dual sim features on 10.03.2013(26 days back ) and from DAY -1 –sim -1 IS NOT WORKING.he even showed this problem to its gallery thrice but still nothing has been done by company.

    I need your advice as how to get our money back and return this mobile. We need to have speedier solution as approaching district forum will be lengthy and costly procedure.

    Sir please help.

  • Dear Mr.Jehangir,

    Hope you are doing fine.

    I need your help in the following matter :
    I had purchased a Maruti Swift Dzire on Jan 2013. I met with an accident on 12th Apr where a dumper lost control of his vehicle on acc.of his brake failure and flat tyres and dashed 15-17 vehicles at JVLR. My front and back portion of the car has been badly damaged.

    I have my policy with ICICI Lombard. After numerous follow-ups with them and writing mails to them, they are still not approving body shell instead they are instructing me for going for repairs through which there would the cut and weld operations being undertaken on my 3 month old car. I seek your help in this matter, I want to have the body shell to my car because it is only 3 months old and by this cutting & welding as the option being enforced upon me by the insurance car shall not return in its original condition.

    Also would like to take action against the owner of the dumper, the FIR report filed with the police mentions that the dumper was overloaded on acc.of which the driver could not manage it on the roads.

    It has been a month post the accident and till date I am fighting out my cause with the insurance co., I seek your assistance & guidance at the eariest because in less than a month from now the rainy season shall commence and that shall render further damage to my vehicle.

    Kindly help me in this matter.

    Vishal Shah

    • I saw your message just now while replying to some other queriest. You can insist on replacement only if repairs are going to be costlier or would compromise on the safety of the vehicle (such as when the chassis is damaged). Otherwise, the contract of insurance is to indemnify for repairs.

  • hello jehangir,

    I have read you post

    I was trying to find out some info from morning and finally i got it from your post. I see many pages/forums talking all info but missing some basic info that you have put.

    Now, I need some help/advice. Below is the scenario. kindly advice.

    I am from Hyderabad and staying in 130 flats gated community called RK Towers A situated in Ram Nagar area.

    From last one year we are running a adhoc committee un-officially(not registered) and we were success with most of the situations that we arose in the apartment.

    We have few things pending from builder so we finally want to form a official society and get it registered and then talk to builder for getting pending things done like swimming pool.

    For forming the committee we want to follow proper election process and let the flat owners choose the right office bearers that they think of.

    In the apartment, there are 130 flats in which there are 5 land owners having total 65~ flats and also they have sold 15~ flats. Now, the land owners says that they have 52 votes and they can easily influence those 15 flat owners.

    Now, I would like to ask your advice that is there any law or act where it says that one flat has one vote.

    i am really worried that the land owners having majority stake will mis-use the powers and money as they could be both President, VP and Treasurer.

    Please let me know if you need to talk on phone and i can call you.

    Advance Thanks,

    • The law provides 1 Member – 1 Vote. It does NOT say 1 Flat – 1 Vote. So, the 5 landowners would only get 5 voting rights and not more regardless of the number of flats they own. The relevant legal provisions are:
      Andhra Pradesh Co-operative Societies Act:
      Section 25:
      Vote and manner of its exercise:— [Rule 18]
      Subject to such rules as may be made in this behalf, every member shall have one vote in the affairs of the society and shall exercise his vote in person and not by proxy.
      Model Bye-laws for co-operative housing societies:
      Byel-law 107 (the bye-law no. can differ):
      One member One vote:- At a general body meeting of the society, every member of the society and in his absence, his associate member shall have; one vote only. In ease of equality of votes, the Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote.

  • Dear Sir,

    I request your guidance in getting ‘Expert Doctors Opinion’ for submitting to the state consumer court in Mumbai with regard to a medical negligence case.

    Your kind help would be greatly appreciated.
    Reghu Nair

    • Dear Mr. Nair,
      Expert opinion can be given by a doctor, but the best evidence is to quote from standard medical texts. I could guide you if you could let me know what is the alleged medical negligence, especially which branch of medicine it pertains to. If you wish, you can contact me on 22082121 on week-day between 6.30 p.m. and 9.00 p.m. in the evening.

  • Dear Jahangir,

    I appreciate your incisive newspaper columns on consumer rights and protection, which are awfully lacking in our country. Coupled with the lethargic courts and beauracy, it is a joke on the consumer.

    One such incident is the ‘Surcharge’, (approximately 15%), charged by Bombay Hospital on the total bill amount. This surcharge is simply to negate inflation and avoids re-printing the rate card every now and then. The patient actually pays this amount. But the TPA’s do not re-imburse this amount – for reasons best known to them. And this is a big amount. Had it been within 5%, one would have ignored it. Suppose this surcharge was a ‘service tax’ of the central government, then the TPA’s would have paid it. It is an open secret that TPA’s are motivated (directly or indirectly) to suppress the claim payouts and this is one major tool.

    While collecting the premium, the insurance companies impose stiff conditions like timeliness, service tax (government imposed), medical check-up (in some cases). But while paying out the claims they or their agents (TPA’s) back out of the contract. One of the main reasons that India cannot attract foreign investments is the inability to enforce contracts.

    There is an urgent need to rectify this situation. I am sure you will amplify this point through your esteemed columns as you deem fit.

    TS (Tarnindar Singh)
    Visit to gain holistic health, wealth and wisdom. You can also download a free e-book on ‘Student’s Guidance’.

  • Hi Sir,

    My new flat in Navi Mumbai area is almost ready…only hurdle is builder says he is not getting Occupancy Certificate from Cidco/ NmmC. He says he already paid money to NMMC, but still it is not issuing OC, saying that extra money need to be paid to Cidco. As per builder there is no dues.

    My question is, can I file an RTI to
    1. ask the whole procedure to get OC
    2. where is the blokage, at builder side or NMMC/ Cidco side and by how much amount.

    To whom should I send the RTI?

    Pls. reply

    Thank you

  • Dear Jehangir,

    Let me introduce myself as a senior citizen, 70 years old, having spent my life in research and development of engineering products and machines as a Mechanical Engineer.

    I have been reading your articles on consumer problems under “Consumer As King” in leading newspapers. I appreciate your guidelines given to various consumers to enable them to resolve their issues.

    With my experience, in last so many years, as a consumer, I feel a consumer in this country is Slave, not a King. Kings do not fight so vigorously for their very just and rightful rights. Service providers are Kings, who treat their consumers for granted. They have established consumer care departments as an eye-wash. Majority of consumers would agree with my views
    After reading your articles, I wrote to you about some of my recent problems as a consumer. Unfortunately emails sent to your Email Ids and also to bounced back.

    I am not sure if I’ll be in position to write to you on certain issues, as emails sent to you are bouncing back, but I hope to get your response through this blog.

    Thanks and regards

    C H Keswani

  • Dear Mr.Jehangir,
    I have been reading your articles on consumer activism both on the net and in reputed papers and magazines.I would like to ask you for a small help which I am facing today.Since I relocated from Mumbai to Indore, I sent my goods vis Agarwal Express movers and packers.They packed my goods and insisted on 100% upfront cash payment which my husband refused and instead a 60% cash payment was agreed upon.The goods left my residence on 24th november 2013 and as of today I have not seen the goods.A transporter by the name of Yadav Transport has claimed that he was given the goods by Agarwaland is insisting on complete cash payment without inspection of my goods.He says the goods will be sent and unloaded only on payment of the same.I have tried filing an FIR with the hira nagar police station in Indore and they have refused to do so claiming that they will not interfere and Agarwal Express is not responding to mails or calls and we are stuck with no goods and clothes.How can we address the same?
    can you please help us
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Dear Mr.Jehangir,
    I read your article about consumer protection in a news paper. I need your suggestion for my case. I have purchased a villa. The villa is completed & we have done the full payment to the builder via cheque. We also got the villa registration done & we have the original registration paper with us as well. But since we have not paid the legal fee to the builder, which builder demanded in cash & told that they have to pass it to registrar official for smooth transaction!
    Neither the builder is replying to my mail nor they are giving the possession & the villa key.

    Kindly suggest, what should I do now ?

    — Thanks & Regards,

  • Dear Mr.Jehangir, I book flat in Silverline project which is develop by M.S.Shah Developer ,Andheri in Thane on Jun-2012 and as per agreement possesion of flat will be in Jun-2013, but due to dispute in director , construction of building has been stop from Aug-2013 and it is buildup only upto G+2. we trying to contacted Builder also, but no result and it seems no sign to be completed. Please suggest us

    • I am also a victim of MS Shah Developer. Please let me know if there are already any cases for the Silverline project and money refund.
      -Satish Menon (

  • Rameshchandra Sanghvi

    I would like to take your advice for 138 case of 2008
    So would like to meet n discuss my case
    So how can I get in touch with you ??

    • You may contact me on (022) 22082121 between 6.30 p.m. and 9.00 p.m. in the evening on weekday after 3rd January 2015

  • Respected sir,
    I had enrolled my daughter to Lakshya /mahesh educare PVT
    Ltd for jee coaching on 8/3/2016….within a month of enrolment we realised that the classes were not at all upto mark in all regards, quality of faculties as well as education was the biggest problem so we decided to cancel the admission and informed them about the same. I asked for the refund of 50,000/- which I had paid at the time of admission and return of post dated cheques. Instead of returning the cheques they deposited the chk without our knowledge and encashed 20,000/-more. I had been continuously reminding them through numerous calls, emails and written application but they are yet to reply. Please guide me ho
    w can I file the complaint with consumer court or how can I approach grahak panchayat.

    • Please file complaint in Consumer Court in your jurisdiction

      • Your complaint is too vague. Did your daughter join the course? If not, then it would be improper to allege the the classes were not upto the mark. If she did join attend the class, you would have to be specific in what manner the class was not upto the mark. Unsubstantiated allegations will not help you get your money back.

  • Sabahat Abdul Wahab Shaikh

    Well Done Sir Please Help Me For My Case Against Rao IIT Clases

  • Mr Gai.
    I had filed a case against motorolla mobility services for lack of service for a mobile under warranty. It took me 2 years but i won it and got a refund of around 50000 for a 32000 worth mobile.
    I would like to make people aware of their rights and that the consumer forum does work if we use it.
    Dont know how to go about it though.
    Some help would be appreciated
    Nikita Lobo

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