The Woodcutter and his Fortune

Mushkel Aasan
Translated from Gujarati, by Dhun Madon and Cyrus Madon
Australia, 1999.
Revised 2007.

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Zarthoshty Youth Circle


Dear Friends,

Here is a wonderful opportunity for Youths to learn, share and clear their minds about religious, historical, cultural and day to day matters.

Do join and spread the word around.

The M. J. Wadia Fire Temple Trust, Lalbaug, announces the ZARTHOSHTY YOUTH CIRCLE – A platform for youths to discuss about culture, history, religion, community, life and philosophy – with neutral subject-related panelist/s to guide the discussions. The Circle will meet on first Saturdays every month (for 10 months), from 7:00-8:00 pm. starting 6th December 08.

Course-Director: Er. Dr. Ramiyar P. Karanjia Age: – 16 to 40

Registration fees: Rs. 300/- (Rs. 100/- for students) Contact Roxane on 98193 79345

Ramiyar Karanjia <ramiyark@gmail. com>

Zoroastrian Religion Represented at the Interfaith Choir Festival

On Sunday November 16, 2008, the Fifth Annual Thanksgiving Interfaith Choir Festival was held in the LSD Chapel in Irvine, California.

The theme of this year’s event was “Hamony and the Spirit of Cooperation”. This year’s festival was rich in music and choral presentations from various religious and cultural organizations. Overall, the event was joyous and magnificently harmonious.

There were short presentation by the representatives of various religious traditions including Sikh, Baha’i, Buddist, Hindu, Jain, Judaism and Islam. Ardeshir Anoshiravani, MD represented the Zarathushti religion with the following presentation:

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Contributions to Community Welfare

This is the first in our series of Polls for the Community.

Please take time to participate and leave your Comments, along with your contact details.

Many more Polls will follow – keep watching this space !

Annual Gift Wrapping Party: Dec 18th 2008

Upcoming Local Events (Virginia, USA)

Annual Gift Wrapping Party: Dec 18th 2008

For the past several our Avesta Class has been volunteering to wrap gifts for
children of incarcerated parents who are often overlooked in the discussions 
of crime and justice. Through Project Christmas Angel, these special children
are assured that they have not been forgotten by their parent(s) and that they
are still a priority in their parents' lives. 

The goal of this program is to unite the good will of the community with the 
holiday dreams of the children. 

The organizers need: 
*  Donations of new unwrapped gifts (NO clothing) for children up to 
18 years of age; gifts for teens over 14 especially needed.  You can
bring the toys with you to the gift-wrapping party. 
*  Financial contributions to help cover the costs of delivery, postage, 
and supplies.  $2,000 are needed to cover the out-of-pocket expenses.
* Volunteers to attend the Wrapping Party on December 18, 2008 from 
6:30pm to 8:00pm at St. Andrews Episcopal Church located at 
4000 Lorcom Lane, Arlington, Virginia 22207.USA
Snacks are provided.  
* Volunteers to deliver the wrapped gifts to one or two families 
in your zip code.

For more information, contact: Rubina Patel, 

Parsiana – Celebrations Guide

The “Celebrations Guide” is scanned from an old issue of the Parsiana.

It gives Contact details of :


-        Baug Venues

-       Caterers

-       Chalk

-       Daglis

-       Event Coordinators

-       Floral

-       Invitation Cards

-       Jewelry

-       Kasti/Sapat/Sadras/Topis

-       Lights

-       Liquor

-       Liquor License Providers

-       Music

-       Mandap Contractors

-       Miscellaneous

-       Photography/Video

-       Pugrees/Phetas

-       Saris

-       Ses Polishing


Click here :  parsiana_celebrations-guide


Courtesy : Shireen Daver

Parliament of World Religions

Greetings from Zoroastrian Association of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.
We attach a leaflet calling all Zoroastrians to a world event – Parliament of World Religions (PWR),
which will be held in Melbourne in Dec 2009.
Our theme is “Let’s reveal to the world the Spiritual Splendour of Zarathushtra”, using our Gathas wisdom, which we can share with humanity.
This is in keeping with one of the PWR themes: “Sharing wisdom in the search for inner peace.”
Of course, people can choose any topic on our religion but we aspire to make a unified approach.
We call on thinkers, scholars, artists, etc. to join us in this event, visit our beautiful country and experience the hospitality of the Zoroastrians of Melbourne.
We will appreciate if you can extend this invitation to your members.
Hoping to see you in Melbourne.
Perviz Dubash
PWR/ZAV,Coordinating Committee

Click here for the details :  pwr_brochure 

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Zoroastrian Matrimonial Page…Apply Apply and You’ll get a REPLY!!!



Traditional Zarathushtri friends,


It is very nice to know that our youth are so full of the Traditional love for our religion, culture and identity, the same love that so enveloped our forefathers who left everything behind in Iran in order to preserve and protect the sacred Mazdayasni Zarathushtri religion of their forefathers.


We do not convert, we do not force our religion on the throat of others. The main thing we can do to increase our numbers is to marry, Zoroastrianto Zoroastrian only, and to raise children who too wear the Sudreh Kusti and in their daily prayers invoke the ancient powers of the Avestan Mathravani. To those of you seeking to marry fellow Zarathustris, wherever you maybe on the world, please create your entry on the Zoroastrian Matrimonial page at :


We have more than 2000 Zarathushtris from all over the world on the page and more than 150 marriages between our people have taken place over the years due to this site. This is the first Zoroastrian Matrimony site, started 10 years ago as a community service, and it is totally free even in this day and age when other commercial services like charge 1500Rs for every 3 months. We are free.


These other services like of course allow other races/religions to find the entries of our people, and then our young men and women are contacted by these other races/religions. Not so in the Zoroastrian Matrimonial page, which is only for our precious community.


Funded entirely by donations and our personal pockets, the page, using a database costing 340$ Australian per year, is not sponsored by any Parsi/Irani organization.


This shows how our community, due to their group rivalries and petty jealousies and politics, have forgotten the core importance of this Matrimonial activity, and the basic” do good to others for the sake of goodness” teaching of our religion in this day and age.


Please tell your Zarathustri friends about the page.





Courtesy : Deen Parast – Porus / Cyrus Bulsara


M.S. Walk – Invite


Dear friends,


We have once again organized our MS Walk on Sunday, November 16th 2008, at the Dadar Parsi Colony Gymkhana at 8.30 a.m.


Your presence at the Walk will encourage us and raise the spirits of the MS patients,   while at the   same time educating the masses about this crippling disease and  showcasing your social commitment.


Please find attached herewith an invitation for the same.   ms_walk_invite
 We look forward to seeing you there.                                                                                  


Thanking you


Yours Truly,                                                                                                                                                                                               


Anita Vesuvala                  

Hon. Secretary