Various Zoroastrian Fire-Temples in Iran

Zoroastrianism is the oldest monotheistic religion in the world: its prophet, Zarathushtra or Zoroaster having lived circa sixteen century BCE.–but no one knows exactly when or where Zoroaster lived or died; there are only traditions. Equally, the names of Zoroaster’s contemporaries are unknown to history. Fire is sacred to Zoroastrians. It was ranked according to its uses: that is, from the lesser fires of potters and goldsmiths, through cooking-fires and hearth-fires up to the three great eternal fires of Sasanian Persia. These fires were the Farnbag, the Gushnasp and the Burzen-Mihr flames, sacred respectively to the three classes of priests, warriors, and farmers. The Farnbag fire was at first located in Khwarism, but (according to tradition) removed to Kabulistan by Zoroaster’s patron, King Vishpaspa; and relocated again, circa 500 A.D., by King Khosrow to the sanctuary of Kariyan in the Persian province of Fars. The Gushnasp fire was located in the city of Shiz. The Burzen-Mihr fire appears to be of dubious location…. Click here for more

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