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Operation Eyesight – Update from Colombia, South America – Thanksgiving


Operation Eyesight: A Legacy of the 7th World Zoroastrian Congress, Houston.
Update from Columbia, South America — Thanksgiving Week, November 2008

A team headed by Khush Bodhan, Lions Club of California and Nevada headed for Columbia, South America as part of the ongoing mission to share the gift of sight with the needy. Work at the camp where eyeglasses were distributed to beneficiaries, after proper eye examinations is captured in the following photo album (see slide show).


Click here to read an inspiring poem the-most-beautiful-flower 


Courtesy : Behram pastakia

Badam Paak

1 ltr milk
125 g cream
1kg almonds,blanched
350 g butter
1/2 ltr rosewater
2 tbs crushed nutmeg and cardamoms
4 cups sugar
a pinch of salt

Cook milk on low heat till it is reduced to half. Cool it and then add cream.

Fry almonds lightly in butter till golden. Cool and grate coarsely with a bit of  cold rosewater. This prevents the oil dripping from the almonds.

Make syrup with remaining rosewater and sugar. Boil to a thread. Remove from fire, add almonds, milk and butter in which almonds were fried. Mix well and cook on low heat, till mixture reaches consistency of a thick batter. Add spices, mix well and pour into a flat glass dish.

This can be kept for several weeks in a refrigerator.

Courtesy : Diana Buhariwalla

Chocolate Walnut Brownies

Chocolate Walnut Brownies made easy

(Make it for the New Year…enjoy home baked goodies!)


1 cup refined flour (Maida)

2 chilled eggs

3 heaped tablespoons cocoa powder

1 cup caster sugar (or use powdered sugar)

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

½ cup walnuts broken into small bits

¾ teaspoon baking soda

¾ cup butter

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees C.

Grease and lightly flour 8” x 8” baking tin.

Sift flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and mix well.

Add walnuts to the above flour.

Beat eggs, sugar and vanilla essence. Add butter and blend the mixture well.

Add the sifted flour, cocoa powder and baking powder to the egg mix and lightly blend the mix in  one direction only.

Pour batter into 8” X 8” greased and lightly floured tin.

Bake it in the oven for 35 to 40 mins.

Remove and let it  cool.

Courtesy : Delzin  S. Choksey

Atash Behrams on Google Map

I have created a Google Map of all the 9 Parsi / Zoroastrian Atash Behrams in the World. (8 in India and 1 in Iran)

The Location may not be exact, so please email me if there are any changes to be made and any further information you would like me to add

I am currently in the process of creating a Google Map of all Parsi/ Zoroastrian Agiyaris, Sanitoriam, Halls, Statues, Places of interest, etc. I would really appreciate it if someone could send me a list with the addresses so that i can plot it on the MAP.

Homi & Diane Limbuwala

Kolmi no Patio

You will need:
– 5-6 curry leaves (preferably dried leaves)
– 2 onions finely chopped
– 3 tsp cumin powder
– 3 garlic cloves cut fine (or use garlic paste)
– 1 tsp turmeric
– 1 tsp chilli pwd
– 3-4 tomatoes blanched and pureed or (canned puree)
– 30-40 yummy prawns 🙂
– 1 tbsp vinegar
– 2 tsp sugar

To make all this delicious, you will have to:

1. Fry curry leaves
2. Just as they start to change colour add onions, fry until nicely browned
3. Add the powders (cumin turmeric, chilli) and the garlic, fry for 2 minutes
4. Add tomato puree. Cook nicely for 5-10 mins on low heat (you may need to add a little water to keep it from getting burnt.. but the more this masala cooks the better it tastes)
5. Reduce heat and add prawns, (you can add water to help them cook)
6. Mix the sugar and vinegar in a small bowl
7. After prawns are cooked, add the vinegar sugar mixture
8. Cook for a couple of more minutes.
9. Voila! Kolmi no Patio!

Have fun,

p.s.: Gourmet style would recommend blending the whole masala before adding the prawns.. but if you use tomato puree then its not necessary

Courtesy : Delzin Choksey


For the first time, Vasanu recipe is now online. Grandmother’s recipe from Wadia Baug.
It is to be made exactly as follows:
1 1/2kg ghee
1/2kg char jaatna magaz
50g baval nu goonder (resin of the baval tree)
2 1/4kg sugar
500g ghau nu doodh
500g cummar kakri
400g dates
100g akhrot (walnut)
soak overnight in hot water, peel and chop and fry :
1/2 kg almonds
1/2 kg pistachio nuts, shelled
250 g charoli
powder individually:
250g dil (suva)
1/2 kg dried water chestnuts
450g lotus roots
25g dholi musli
10g punjabi salan
25g white pepper
100g gokhru
25g kali musli
50g pipri mool
50g saalam panjo
50g kajar kas
50g karlu batrisu
50g jabar jas
coarsely crush:
30g white cardamoms
3 nutmegs
25g vai varin
350g dry ginger
250g udad daal
25g chana dal
150g khus khus
250g singora
100g variali (saunf)
200g dry coconut

Fry individually all peeled and chopped nuts, mags.

Make a sugar syrup of one-thread consistency , using enough water just to cover sugar. Add fried ingredients, keeping a few nuts aside.

In another pan, cook dil with ghau nu doodh till thick. Add about two cups water, if needed. Pour dil mixture into sugar syrup.

Heat a little ghee in a shallow frying pan and fry all powdered ingredients, individually, a little at a time, adding them to the mixture with ghee, as they are fried. Mix well, place on low heat and cook, stirring continuously, to prevent burning.

When thick, add crushed spices, mix well and remove from fire.

Pour into a tray, pyrex dish or glass jar and store in a cool place.

Note: ingredients for this recipe are available in specialized shops.

Courtesy :  Diana Buhariwalla

Parsi Home Remedies

To improve memory

In the old days, a mother would give her child five blanched almonds soaked overnight and crushed with a tsp sugar crystals and ½ tsp butter, 2-3 weeks before school examinations. It is supposed to improve one’s memory.

For prickly heat

Mix sesame seed oil, multani mitti and rosewater to a paste. Apply and leave for about half an hour. Pour the water into a bucket of hot water and bathe.

Turmeric powder (Harad / Haldar)

Turmeric powder has remarkable healing powers. If put on small cuts it helps to curb bleeding. One tsp of pure turmeric powder mixed with half a cup of milk and 1-2tsp large crystals of sugar, if drunk by any person suspected of having sustained internal injuries, will help to stop any hemorrhage that may have started. Nutritionally turmeric and curcumin are powerhouses of benefits see more curcumin at

Hot compress of ajwain – ajma no sek

This is excellent for colds and coughs.

Heat some ajwain (ajma) on a tava and put it into a piece of mulmul cloth or a large folded handkerchief. Apply it on the chest, temples, forehead and back for a few minutes, lightly pressing these areas. Then apply any balm or paste of nutmeg ( made by mixing powdered nutmeg with warm water).

Excellent face pack

Make a paste with 2 tbsp Fuller’s earth or kaolin powder, two drops of savlon antiseptic lotion, ¼ tsp lacto calamine, one tsp milk of magnesia, 3 drops of light cologne. Add 4tsp skin tonic and 2 tsp almond oil or fresh cream and rosewater. Apple onto a clean skin and allow it to dry. Wash off. The result is stunning even on a 72 year old!

Rock salt

Coarsely powdered rock salt, heated on a tava, wrapped in a cloth and applied to rheumatic joints helps to relieve rheumatic pains.

Hot compress of paan -paan no sek

If an infant develops colic, one should run castor oil on a paan leaf and heat it over an oil lamp. Then place it on the baby’s navel and tie it down with a bandage to keep it in place. It is a remarkable cure. Just make sure it is not too hot for the baby! We don’t want any accidents here, so be careful.

Sandalwood paste

Sandalwood rubbed on a clean dry stone or pure sandalwood powdered and made to a paste with rosewater when applied to pimples will help them to disappear.

Mango ginger – amba harad

This is a type of turmeric with has a flavor of raw mango. It makes a delicious pickle mixed with lime juice salt and slit green chilies.

When dried, it has excellent medicine value. If ground in water, heated and then applied on bruises, swellings, sprains or twisted ankle, it helps in faster healing.

Fresh Lime Water (Limboo pani)

Limboo pani drunk at the height of summer with a pinch of salt before going out will reduce exhaustion and help to prevent sunstroke.

To keep sun stroke at bay

Boil or dry roast on the fire two raw mangoes. Peel and extract the pulp. Sieve. Add chopped mint, sugar, and salt, roasted crushed cumin seeds to taste. Serve as chutney or as a drink by adding one tbsp to a glass of cold water. It is a very cooling drink.

Sago kanji- sabudana kanji

Soak the sabudana in water for fifteen minutes. Cook with water and sugar. Sprinkle with a little nutmeg and cardamom powder. This helps to soothe an upset stomach as well as bind it.


Very useful in curing colds and coughs.  In one cup of water boil 3-4 cloves, a small piece of cinnamon, 4-5 black peppercorns, a blade of lemon grass, half tsp ajwain and a small piece of fresh ginger. Simmer and reduce to half. Strain and add half tsp honey with  a squeeze of lime and a dash of brandy. This should be sipped as hot as possible the last thing at night. It helps in relieving colds and coughs and gives a really good night’s sleep. One can have it two three times in the daytime as well. If you have it with an extra dash of brandy, it is great too.

Rice paste

This is very good for small burns. Apply a paste made with rice flour and cold water immediately to the burn.

Doodh soda

This is a refreshing light drink to give someone who has fever. It is not too heavy on the stomach and is very soothing. Mix half a cup of milk with half a cup of chilled soda water.

Add sugar to taste and a drop of vanilla.

Eye wash

Rinse out in running water one tsp whole harar, one tsp whole bhera and one tsp whole amla. Soak it overnight in one water. The next day strain and use it as an eye wash. It can bring down the number of your glasses

For broken bones and sprains

Cook 25gms of dried ama harad, 15 gms chotseji, 20 gms durd maida, 25 gms haad jor in 50 gms of mustard oil and store. When required heat and apply. Wrap with arand ka putta or cotton wool and a bandage . it helps in the healing process. All these ingredients are available at herbal medical shops.

For excellent complexion

For young children, apply fresh milk or cream on the face, leave till dry and wash off. During the bath rub her body with bread soaked in milk and then wash off with soap. If this is done till age of 6 or seven, they will have a beautiful complexion and skin.

Courtesy :  Diana Buhariwalla

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