Death and Beyond – The first four days after death

Responsibilities of the living towards the departed.


Dear Friends,


Recently someone on the List asked a question regarding the first four days’ observances after death and the responsibilities of the living towards the dead.


I have written a comprehensive essay on this topic from the old writings of Ervad Phiroze Masani in Frashogard magazine over 70 years ago. I plan to make this into a small book to distribute at Doongerwadi and the Agiaries so that we may realise the importance of these 4 days and what our responsibilities are.


Our responsibilities towards our dear departed is one of the most solemn obligations placed on us in the Zoroastrian religion. Yet we hardly even know what we are supposed to do. this essay attempts to fulfil this gap in our understanding. Many of the points mentioned in the essay may seem impractical today, but we must know the complete details so that we may pass on this legacy to the next generation in toto.


Here is the first part of the essay. As usual I value your honest, detailed and cogent feedback.


Kind regards,

Ervad Marzban Hathiram

Click here to read all the 3 parts death-and-beyond 


Courtesy : Hushang Vakil

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