FOOD APPEAL by Mancherji Edalji Joshi Memorial Trust

Dear Zoroastrian Brethren.


Wish you all a Very Happy and prosperous New Year. May Dadar Ahura Mazda bestow on you and your family all the Happiness of this World. But Are You Aware that there are many fellow Brethren in our community, who do not have a square meal to eat?? Many of them, old and infirm, neglected by society, some of them, by their own children, are fighting for survival in this cruel world.



Click here to read how they survive and what we can do for them ….. appeal_food-appeal-by-mancherji-edalji-joshi-memoria-trust

Click here to read more, the list of beneficiaries and the estimate of yearly expenses of the food scheme…. mancherji-edalji-joshi-memorial-trust_food-scheme-for-poor-zoroastrians 


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