Children’s Hope Foundation

The Children’s Hope Foundation was founded in 1997 in England with the aim to provide medical, learning and leisure equipment for children and young persons suffering from severe illnesses or disabilities; or who were enduring extreme circumstances and for the relief of poverty and the advancement of education.
Keeping this philosophy in mind, a branch was opened in Dubai in 2000 under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum. Mrs. Zenny Hirji, the CHF Chairperson, played a key role in forming the Dubai branch of CHF. She moved to Dubai from London and brought with her years of charity experience with various groups in the UK, including Children’s Hope Foundation. Zenny quickly assembled a group of like-minded volunteers to continue CHF’s work in Dubai and, most importantly, she secured a large number of sponsors who generously support CHF’s work. Currently, there are 10 volunteers on the CHF organizing committee including Mrs. Deena Motiwalla, CHF’s Co-Chairperson.

We appeal to the philanthropists, donor agencies, communities and individuals to come forward and take part in our noble cause by helping us in taking care of the Poor, Needy and Deprived people of our society. Your help can be in the form of money, commodities or voluntary work.

Zenny Hirji (Chairperson)
Deena Motiwala (Co-Chairperson)
Kamla Bhavnani
Farrida Ajmal
Naeema Nizari
Jyoti Karmali
Priti Lilaramani
Claudia Meyer
Aziz Nizari
Naz Nizari
Jane Shaw
Munira Gangji
Ashumi Siroya

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