Old laptops needed

Dear friends,
We are looking for old lap tops for the Mumbai Mobile Creches kids to use in our centres – we have a number of educational programmes which we would like to load and are a great fun way for them to learn maths, english, language, geography and science. We need to collect 50 laptops. Please do not contact us with offers like the best gaming laptop under 1500, we are looking for budget, school work laptops.
The min requirements for the laptops are:
RAM memory 200 MB
Processor – more than 500 MHz (a Pentium 2 or more is ok)
CD Rom
Hard Drive 5 Gigabytes
If either you or your friends, or your companies are upgrading, or have old laptops you don’t need or use, please do let us know so we can use this for a really good purpose.
Also, please only send them if they are working (we can’t afford to repair them).
Thanks for your support,
Devika Mahadevan
Mobile Creches <mcreches@vsnl. net>
Mumbai Mobile Creches <mumbaimobilecreches @gmail.com>
Courtesy : Khushnood Viccaji

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