Coming Together Roundtable – Houston – December, 2008

Dear Friends:

There are good tidings from Mumbai; The very respected and venerable old guard of BPP has stepped down to give way to new leadership, the choice of  the community.  We look forward to their participation and support of our future.

“Coming Together Roundtables”.

This is the first year of our operation with our Administrator, Percis  Dubash of Mumbai, under the direction of Yazdi Tantra.  Percis and Yazdi have issued a progress report in August 2008, which we hope you have had a chance to review. For those that are unfamiliar with the “Coming Together  Roundtable” — the first Roundtable was held at the World Congress in London in 2005. Two succeeding Roundtables were held  both in Mumbai in  January 2007 and then in January 2008. These Roundtables bring together Zarathushtis from all over the world to dialogue and to action on issues of  global import, so that our worldwide community keeps connected. It is said  that “Dialogue brings minds together and action brings hearts together.”

These “Coming Together Roundtables”  also act as a meeting place and conduit bringing members of our community with projects with needs for social welfare and community enhancement, with those that have resources to fulfill these needs.

The next Roundtable will be held in Houston on December 31, 2008, along with the WZCC Global AGM, hosted by the Zoroastrian Association of  Houston.

We are writing to encourage all interested persons, especially those in leadership positions, to come to Houston and  participate in the Roundtable proceedings.  Being the first time that the Roundtable will be held in North America, we especially invite participation  from USA and Canada.

The Agenda is given in the below annexure. Any interested persons may submit an item for discussion:

* For Registration and Accommodations, please go to or and click on EVENTS and then WZCC AGM .

* Program information and addition to the agenda items should be directed to

*   For additional information contact Rustom Engineer

Behram Pastakia

Firdosh Mehta

Rohinton Rivetna

Dated : November 17, 2008.

Agenda Annexure


Wednesday   DECEMBER 31, 2008    10:00 am TO 4:00 pm

LUNCH provided by ZAH for those who are registered


For registration and local arrangements in Houston:

Please contact Rustom Engineer


– Benediction & Monajat

– Hamazori, Talk # 3 by Ervad Ramiyar Karanjia – Paper read.

– Introductions and Welcomes

– Roundtable Administration, discuss present setup and enhancement

– Roundtable accounts

– Review of Report by Percis Dubash, Roundtable Administrator and Yazdi Tantra

and discussion of selected discussion items.

-World Congress RFP, Criteria, selection and next venue


  • Screening eligible Zarathushti women for Breast Cancer
  • Operation Eyesight, collections for Dubai Congress
  • Support for Religious Infrastructure, worldwide
  • PARZOR, WZCF, K R CAMA INST., Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Disaster Relief etc.
  • Education and Medical support to Mobeds and their families – PRG
  • Manuscript restorations, archives and archeological preservations

-Coordination of Interfaith activities – Parliament of World’s Religions, NAIN etc

– Zarathushti Diaspora : Duties, Rights and Privileges

-Passing the torch to the Next Generation – YLEP

-Infrastructure, worldwide – utilization of multimedia for broadcast of meeting/congresses

Promotion of Jamshedi Navroze/Norooz  as Zarathushti observance worldwide.

If time permits —– New items for information only

-Support for Zoroastrian Bank, Mumbai

-Code of Civil conduct

-Cultivation of ETHIC of collective giving

Interested persons may submit item for discussion to Rohinton Rivetna:

Dated : November 17, 2008.

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