Zoroastrian Aryan Civilization in Central Asia

 By Keki R. Bhote
Since the 1970’s there has been a veritable explosion of archcological excavations in Central Asia and Iran. Many of them date back to anciant aryan times – both  pre-Zoroastrian and Zoroastrian.
1.  Arkaim — On the Kazakhstan and Russian border-  a spectacular aryan city going back to 5000 BC.
2.  Gonur –  In south Turkministan – one of the 5 most ancient civilizations of the world dated around 7000 BC.
3.  Tash Karim –  In north Uzbekistan –  that existed since Zarasthushtra’s time and flourished as a Zoroastrian kingdom up to 1300 AD.
4.  Elam –  In south east Iran – that was called the cradle of civilization and where writing was  first invented.
These excavations and others represent a proud heritage for us Zoroastrians.

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  • I have just finished reading your web page.According to old manuscripts the Aryan race first came down from the Himalayas to the north of the India were the Parsis were developed and then continued their trip to Persia to what is called the half moon.Do you have more information about this very interesting matter ?

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