Rural Gujarat, Story of Parsis

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Mon Dec 15, 2008 9:09 pm (PST)

Subject :  A forgotten People:  The Parsis of Rural Gujarat

Last January, I accompanied the Young Rathestars to rural Gujarat. The Young Rathestars are a Zoroastrian charity in Mumbai that provide financial assistance to poor Parsis in Bombay and other places in India. The purpose of their trip was to distribute food grains, other essentials and financial aid to over 70 rural Zoroastrian families in the villages around Ankleshwar.

To find out what Manek has seen & experienced in the interiors Gujarat, Click here : rural-gujarat_story-of-parsis

Courtesy : Jehangir

To know more about “The Young Rathestars” one may visit their website at


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  • Dear Kaevan Umrigar:

    Tata is opening a Nano plant , would appreciate if you could direct efforts to employing these Parsis at the plant. Teach them interviewing skills , application skills and help raise them by their bootstraps.

    Hosi Mehta a master mechanic from Chicago will be Ahmedabad and will to assist.He is the President of the Z Ass. of Chicago.

    Lets change poverty with human dignity.

    Porus Dadabhoy
    VP India Development Coalition of America.

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